Digital Production – Flexible and Future-Proof

FASTEC 4 PRO provides you with facts based on data in real time, independent of any sector, modular, individually tailored to your specific production processes as well as tried and tested. For swift and reliable decision-making – from the shop floor to the management.

Transparency as the Key to Success

The MES solution FASTEC 4 PRO is a flexible system that all areas of your company will benefit from – from the production employees, the planner, the maintenance staff, the production manager and the controlling up to the management.

Our modular MES solution helps you to improve your production planning, ensures more transparency and regulated processes, provides you with important KPIs, analyses and reports – regardless of the industry and flexibly adaptable to your special production processes.

Our MES Modules – Custom-Fit With a Central Database

Diverse requirements – one solution! Building on the MES basic module, all FASTEC 4 PRO modules can be combined individually and tailored to your needs. The individual MES modules access a common and uniform database. In this way you always have consistent data – there are no interfaces between the modules and

there is no redundant data stored. Due to the modular structure, a step-by-step and demand-oriented implementation of the software modules up to a digitalization of all areas of your entire production at one or more locations and in one or multiple languages is possible.

Quality Assurance Module (QA)


  • Management of test plans
  • Live trigger from MDA/PDA
  • Automatic creation of test orders
  • Digital checklists and forms
  • Binding of peripheral devices
  • Proactive information management
  • Statistical process control (SPC)

Production Planning Module (PP)


  • Master data management
  • Article management
  • Routings and bills of materials
  • Production variants and versions
  • Gantt chart with drag & drop function
  • Scenarios and analyses
Additional Functions
  • Demand handling
  • Digital planning board
  • Preplanning
  • Planning groups
  • Setup rules
  • Personnel availability planning
  • Equipment availability planning
  • Material availability planning
  • Semaphores
  • Joins
  • Semi-automatic planning
  • Fully automatic planning

Traceability Module (TRC)


  • Acquisition of components used
  • Acquisition of process values
  • Assembly management
  • Process locking
  • Serial numbers and batch management
  • Label printing
  • Reports for traceability

Additional Functions

  • Management of production warehouses

Maintenance Module (M)


  • Resource management
  • Maintenance plan management
  • Live trigger from MDA/PDA
  • Automatic creation of maintenance orders
  • Digital forms
  • Proactive information management
  • Personnel deployment and requirements planning
  •  Alerts
  • Request and task management
  • Autonomous maintenance

Machine Data Acquisition Module (MDA)


  • Recording of machine conditions, performance and quality
  • Convenient reporting:
    • differentiation of rejects
    • performance analysis
    • setup time report
    • states reports
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Resource Log

Additional Functions

  • KPI Configurator
  • Process data acquisition
  • Process messages
  • Data archiving
  • Setup rules

Production Data Aquisition Module (PDA)


  • Production order management
    • Routings
    • Bill of material
  • Various order types
  • Acquisition of quantities and times
Additional Functions
  • Staff time recording
  • Formula management (DNC/EDS)
  • Document display
  • ERP bookings
  • Automatic order start
  • Equipment data acquisition

Basic Module


  • Audit trail
  • Basic/Master data management
  • User/rights management
  •  Multilingualism
  • Report Designer
  • Template Designer

Additional Functions

  • Test system
  • Alerts
  • OPC UA Server
  • ERP interface
  • Cloud/BI-Connector
  • Online monitoring
  • Machine connection
  • Classifications
  • Mobile Client
  • View Client
  • Office Client 

Interesting Facts About FASTEC 4 PRO

Every MES manufacturer is characterized by individual services and unique selling points. The approach and services of the individual providers often lack transparency for those interested in MES. That is why we have compiled some frequently asked questions together with our answers.

FASTEC 4 PRO provides you with various client concepts. You can therefore equip your production optimally, taking into account hardware and license cost aspects.

There are many ways to connect your machines: Whether with digital signals via I/O modules or via direct connection of the machine control via PLC interfaces, e.g. Beckhoff ADS or OPC, FANUC, web services. Thanks to the great variety of interface solutions, every machine can be connected to the FASTEC 4 PRO MES system regardless of manufacturer and year of manufacture. We never lose sight of effort in relation to your benefits.

The MES system almost always also communicates with an ERP system that provides the order information for production. The German market alone has around 800 different ERP systems. Even so, the type of an interface can usually be broken down to a few communication standards – such as database tables, file transfer or XML, just to name the most important ones. A seamless exchange of information between the ERP/PPC system and FASTEC 4 PRO is essential. We use project-specific uni- or bidirectional ERP interfaces or our FASTEC standard interface for you. Of course, we also connect already existing systems in your company, for example Personnel Time Recording or Quality Assurance.

There are several standard interfaces of major ERP system manufacturers on the market. One of the most important interfaces worth mentioning in this context is SAP PP-PDC for which SAP also offers a certification program. The functionality of the program is limited to order data exchange and only provides a small amount of master data. This range of services is not sufficient for Detailed Planning in the MES system, as this requires the transfer of significantly more master data. FASTEC has specifically programmed its own function modules, which conform to the DSAG’s (German-speaking SAP user group) best practice programming guide ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming). These function modules are very efficient and can be adapted quickly without the support of SAP partners. To write back data, these function modules use standard SAP functions (BAPI calls). If further IT systems are used in production (e.g. QA system, tool setting system, document management), additional interfaces may be required. Due to the large number of different systems and manufacturers, no generally applicable statement can be made in this regard. However, many of these systems provide file- or database-based interfaces.

Your Project – Our Solution Portfolio

Long-term cooperative collaboration is important to us – from the concept to the rollout, from the software implementation and training of your employees to the subsequent support during operation. At the beginning, we analyze your needs and with the help of a comprehensive, individual concept we create the foundation for your successful MES project. Your solution will then be developed and introduced gradually. During the entire course of the project, you constantly have a fixed contact person you can rely on. We will not abandon you after the rollout. You can reach our support by phone or make use of remote maintenance. We also provide support at your location if needed.


  • Detailed analysis
  • Individual conception
  • Central contact person
  • Test phase
  • Rollout
  • Staff training
  • Long-term support

Our Additional Functions at a Glance

A variety of challenges – one solution! The FASTEC 4 PRO modules are perfectly complemented by multiple additional functions. In this way, we offer individual solutions for individual customers. We will be happy to advise you.


Production events – reliable, complete and freely configurable

Autonomous Maintenance (TPM)

Relieve maintenance team

DNC and Configuration Data

Easy data transfer to the machine, accelerated production steps

Document Display

Order-related production documents directly at the terminal

Energy Monitoring

Record and visualize production-related energy data

Mobile Client

Be informed about production events on the go – reliable and freely configurable


States, production key data, alarm notifications – always keep an eye on it all!

Personnel Time Tracking

Paperless, complete and transparent documentation

Production Logistics

Provide material appropriately, reduce error rates

Process Data Acquisition

Read out and evaluate process data of machines and plants in real time

Process Messages

In-depth analyses: Read out data directly from the machine control

Do You Have Special Requirements for Digital Production Management?

We provide customized solutions. With us, you benefit from extensive project experience in digital production in various industries. With over 400 customers. Worldwide. Since 1995.

Who We Work For

From automotive suppliers to food producerspharmaceutical companies to toy manufacturers, from highly specialized niche suppliers, to ambitious medium-sized companies to large international corporations – more than 400 customers around the globe trust in Software for Production – made in Paderborn. Among them are:

FASTedge SFT15

The 15-inch touch terminal is required for each machine. It has a universal RFID reader and two digital inputs for machine connection as standard.

FASTedge Box

Both the terminals and the machines are connected to the EdgeBox via LAN or WiFi. The cloud connection is made via your network or mobile communications. At least one EdgeBox is required. The system can later be moved to your own server.


Personal users are required to report the collected data. The number of employees involved in data acquisition in your production does not matter.


Each line and machine in your production is licensed individually.

Thank You for Your Interest in FASTEC

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