MES Module Maintenance

Our module Maintenance supports you in all work related to maintenance – from preventive maintenance to repairs. Your benefits: Efficient, digitalized maintenance processes, regular inspections, reduced susceptibility to faults, optimized maintenance intervals.

The Most Important Functions at a Glance

  • Create autonomous maintenance plans (types)
  • Separate documentation of working times for maintenance activities on the machine (manually or by RFID)
  • Involve machine operators through maintenance requests
  • Diverse trigger, e.g. calendar intervals, states, runtime or lot size
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Provide supporting documents
  • Document performed activities and spare parts needed
  • Supplementary information and notice of defects
  • Additional comments and error information

Benefits for Your Corporate Success

  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Relief of the maintenance staff
  • Higher identification of the machine operator by delegation of responsibility
  • Machine operator handles minor downtimes quickly
  • Uniform order management as well as regulated maintenance requests
  • Optimized planning by assigning urgencies
  • Fast reaction time through individual alerting

Module Quality Assurance (QA)

Standard Functions Included

  • Automatic data transfer from peripheral devices/PLC
  • Automatic inspection
  • Data archiving
  • Digital checklists
  • Simple inspection plan creation
  • Intuitive operator entries during production
  • Proactive information management
  • Inspection plans/inspection orders
  • Samples/statistical process controls (SPC)
  • Top level dashboards on large screens

Module Detailed Scheduling (DS)

Standard Functions Included

  • Production variants/versions
  • Gantt chart with drag and drop functionality
  • Comfort functions for an efficient planning process
  • Planning regarding limited capacities
  • Testing of rule violations
  • Scenarios with analyses

Optional Extensions

  • Equipment availability planning
  • Material availability planning
  • Personnel availability planning
  • Campaigns/planning groups
  • Changeover matrices/rules, calculation of the setup times

Module Traceability (TRC)

Standard Functions Included

  • First Pass Yield
  • Forward and backward searches

Optional Extensions

  • Connection to measuring equipment (Q-DAS)
  • Label printer control
  • Material review board (MRB)
  • Material traceability
  • Process traceability
  • Process interlocking
  • Serial number/batch traceability
  • Serial number generator

Module Maintenance (M)

Standard Functions Included

  • Planned maintenance
  • Personnel deployment and requirements planning
  • Alerting
  • Hierarchical structures
  • Maintenance plans/orders
  • Calendar/runtime/counter/state triggers
  • Request and task management
  • Pareto and Pivot analyses
  • Autonomous maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Synchronization with MDA

Module Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)

Standard Functions Included

  • Intuitive input screens
  • Comprehensive and simple reporting
    – Differentiation of rejects
    – Performance analysis
    – Setup time report
    – States reports
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Optional Extensions

  • KPI configurator
  • Process data acquisition
  • Process messages (PM)

Module Production Data Acquisition (PDA)

Standard Functions Included

  • Production order management
    – Routings
    – Bill of material
  • Various order types

Optional Extensions

  • Automatic order start from PLC
  • DNC/EDS set data management
  • Document display
    – e.g. training videos, changeover instructions
  • Dynamic target setup times
  • Energy data acquisition
  • ERP bookings
    – Recording of quantities/time regarding the production order/start date
    – Automatic reporting into the ERP system
    – Based on packing instructions

Basic Module

Standard Functions Included 

  • Audit trail
  • Basic data editor
  • User/rights management
  • Multilingualism
  • Report Designer
  • View Designer
  • Master data management
  • Resource Logbook

Optional Extensions

  • Alerts
  • Connection to BI/BW systems
  • ERP interface
  • Graphical online monitoring (e.g. Andon board)
  • Machine connection
  • Mobile Client
  • Office Client

Fair and Flexible – You Only Buy and Pay for What You Really Need

Our seven modules are complemented by twelve additional functions and many functionalities. This allows you to select the software components you need and you can focus on digitalizing your production step by step. We will be pleased to advise you!

Proactive: Planned Maintenance Measures

Reactive: Unplanned Maintenance Measures

Module Maintenance: In Detail

Within the scope of autonomous maintenance, minor measures such as cleaning, oiling, or other activities on the machine are transferred directly to the machine operator. Through this delegation of responsibility you save time and costs. Your production process gets much faster due to the fact that maintenance staff is relieved. You can quickly configure autonomous maintenance, including ensuring continuous documentation.

Also make use of the FASTEC 4 PRO additional function Document Display and link a wide variety of documents and information as required. These are made available to your machine operators at the production terminal. A reading confirmation for release supports the careful execution of the work.

Maintenance requests are integrated in the module Maintenance. Your machine operators have the opportunity to make suggestions for improvement and leave a comment in the system at all times so that you can continuously improve your machine park. This provides you and your TPM manager with a valid basis for checking the implementation of the proposed measure.

Combine the module Maintenance with the FASTEC 4 PRO additional function Autonomous Maintenance. Let us actively support you in carrying out reactive maintenance measures and in controlling preventive and autonomous maintenance measures. This way you significantly reduce defects and failures. While the additional function Autonomous Maintenance notifies the production employee in case of minor maintenance or cleaning measures, you can create concrete maintenance and inspection orders in Planned Maintenance, e.g. at time or condition-based intervals.

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