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The digitalization of production processes and the acquisition of valid data in real time are essential for metal processing companies. We are the partner at your side on your way to paperless production and have the right solutions for your industry.

Your Digitalization Partner for Reliable Production Control

Whether it’s machining, stamping and forming, foundry or wire drawing – the challenges in metal processing are multifaceted. We are your MES partner with the suitable software solution for your digital and efficient production – paperless, in real time and transparent. With our software FASTEC 4 PRO, we support you in digitalizing your production.

We speak the language of machines in the metalworking industry: Our module Machine Data Acquisition (MDA) reads out information from the machine control via interfaces, among other things to the NC control and thus guarantees clean data acquisition at all times. As part of ensuring quality and the ability to act in the event of a defective part, FASTEC 4 PRO offers you complete traceability. Thanks to the complete data acquisition at the material and process level you can access clear forward/backward evaluations.

Selection of Our Customers in the Metal Working Industry

Special Requirements in Metal Working

Everything from individual systems to large machine parks is used for metal-cutting manufacturing. As a rule, this type of metal processing involves both clocked processes and longer production cycles. This is why it can sometimes be challenging to record the exact running time of a workpiece – especially in systems with fully automated pallet changers. We have the solution: Our MES is connected via NC controls. With our PDA module, the order start can be read automatically from the controls. This guarantees exact, item-specific data acquisition in real time. In this way, you enjoy absolute transparency, which guarantees an exact post-calculation for the orders and articles. This is the basis for a clean, article-related OEE calculation in your production.

Strokes per minute and tool-related processes characterize production in stamping and forming technology. The tool is very important and must therefore function smoothly at all times. Even slight damage can lead to considerable production errors. With FASTEC 4 PRO you always keep an eye on your tools:

  • The tool management always displays the current status of the tool and immediately informs you about any irregularities.
  • Our MES shows you the OEE evaluation at tool level – in this way, you always have an overview.
  • Preventive maintenance minimizes the risk of tool errors.

No more inaccurate stocks and easy booking according to packing instructions – no problem with FASTEC 4 PRO. Paperless Production Data Acquisition ensures, for example, the order-/article-specific OEE recording of left and right parts. This enables you to achieve maximum inventory accuracy.

We also have a suitable MES solution for the industry-specific production processes “wire drawing” and “stranding” – for example, with the use of reels, spools, rollers or during the hardening of drawn or stranded material in continuous furnaces, etc. For this purpose, we measure in meters per minute in accordance with the length production. Thanks to our many years of extensive and cross-industry experience, we are highly skilled when it comes to connecting machines (MDA/PDA). Our software automatically transfers the data from the machine control – you enjoy transparency in real time.

Find out how and where a product was manufactured at any time – complete traceability of production processes and materials is essential nowadays. FASTEC 4 PRO offers the appropriate solutions for this – forward/backward evaluations at both the material and process level.
Some advantages:

  • Obligations to produce proof are fulfilled (particularly relevant for automotive suppliers).
  • Operations are reliably carried out in the correct sequence. The process quality is thus ensured.
  • Exact documentation down to the process level is made possible, for example by connecting measuring machines (Q-DAS).

Using digital checklists, the machine operator can check his own activities and carry out individual test steps independently (operator self-inspection). Our MES software provides event-based inspection orders configured according to individual specifications. This ensures a smooth production process as well as high product quality and provides paperless documentation.

Your Advantages in Production Control – at All Levels

Benefits for Production Managers

  • Minimized idle times, reduction of downtimes
  • Fast, targeted response to disturbances or performance losses
  • Identification of weaknesses
  • Improved order and personnel planning
  • Higher throughput thanks to shorter processing times
  • Paperless production
  • Maintenance integrated into production processes

    CONCLUSION: A transparent production minimizes your waste of resources.

Benefits for Machine Operators

  • Continuous target/actual comparison provides up-to-date key figures on order progress
  • Simple recording of all machine and process disturbances
  • Digital provision of order-related documents and monitoring of important process data
  • Order bookings directly at the machine
  • Requesting maintenance in the event of major disturbances

    CONCLUSION: Digital monitoring of the production process guarantees efficient operation of your machines.

Benefits for Maintenance Staff

  • Preventive maintenance is effectively integrated
  • Planning of maintenance takes into account machine utilization
  • Electronic maintenance facilities are provided on site
  • Digital documentation of all maintenance work carried out, including spare parts consumption for all operating equipment
  • Comprehensive reports for analysis of maintenance measures

    CONCLUSION: Preventive maintenance and complete, seamless documentation ensure that your machines are optimally supplied.

Benefits for Managers and Controllers

  • Reliable, meaningful database to support strategic decisions
  • Continuous performance measurement enables up-to-date key figures
  • Productivity potentials are revealed
  • Savings or margin increase by reducing production costs
  • Optimal CIP analysis tool
  • RoI in less than 12 months

    CONCLUSION: With digitally generated, meaningful reports, you make the right decisions and ensure your company's success.

MES Modules From FASTEC 4 PRO

Quality Assurance Module (QA)


  • Management of test plans
  • Live trigger from MDA/PDA
  • Automatic creation of test orders
  • Digital checklists and forms
  • Binding of peripheral devices
  • Proactive information management
  • Statistical process control (SPC)

Production Planning Module (PP)


  • Master data management
  • Article management
  • Routings and bills of materials
  • Production variants and versions
  • Gantt chart with drag & drop function
  • Scenarios and analyses
Additional Functions
  • Demand handling
  • Digital planning board
  • Preplanning
  • Planning groups
  • Setup rules
  • Personnel availability planning
  • Equipment availability planning
  • Material availability planning
  • Semaphores
  • Joins
  • Semi-automatic planning
  • Fully automatic planning

Traceability Module (TRC)


  • Acquisition of components used
  • Acquisition of process values
  • Assembly management
  • Process locking
  • Serial numbers and batch management
  • Label printing
  • Reports for traceability

Additional Functions

  • Management of production warehouses

Maintenance Module (M)


  • Resource management
  • Maintenance plan management
  • Live trigger from MDA/PDA
  • Automatic creation of maintenance orders
  • Digital forms
  • Proactive information management
  • Personnel deployment and requirements planning
  •  Alerts
  • Request and task management
  • Autonomous maintenance

Machine Data Acquisition Module (MDA)


  • Recording of machine conditions, performance and quality
  • Convenient reporting:
    • differentiation of rejects
    • performance analysis
    • setup time report
    • states reports
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Resource Log

Additional Functions

  • KPI Configurator
  • Process data acquisition
  • Process messages
  • Data archiving
  • Setup rules

Production Data Aquisition Module (PDA)


  • Production order management
    • Routings
    • Bill of material
  • Various order types
  • Acquisition of quantities and times
Additional Functions
  • Staff time recording
  • Formula management (DNC/EDS)
  • Document display
  • ERP bookings
  • Automatic order start
  • Equipment data acquisition

Basic Module


  • Audit trail
  • Basic/Master data management
  • User/rights management
  •  Multilingualism
  • Report Designer
  • Template Designer

Additional Functions

  • Test system
  • Alerts
  • OPC UA Server
  • ERP interface
  • Cloud/BI-Connector
  • Online monitoring
  • Machine connection
  • Classifications
  • Mobile Client
  • View Client
  • Office Client 

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