Expertise and Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry

Connection of lines with different good/bad parts separation, dynamic set-up times for format changes, measuring productivity … regardless of whether it is filling or packaging lines – we know the diverse challenges of your industry and offer the right solutions.

Your Digitalization Partner for Reliable Production Control

Highest quality standards of your products, extensive standardization and sustainable, resource saving use of raw materials … Our MES not only helps to optimize the production processes, but of course also supports the accurate compliance with strict regulations regarding labeling, hygiene and safety. A ‘production navigator’ not only relieves line managers in production of a stressful daily routine.

FASTEC 4 PRO creates a tangible added value from the shop floor to the company management. In the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, there can be no concessions on safety. This is why our customers rely on our software solutions, e.g. for filling or packaging of liquids and tablets, in blisters, tubes, vials or bottles. With our modular software we produce individual solutions for digital production. Transparent, expandable and adaptable at any time.

Selection of Our Customers in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry

Our Pharmaceutical Brochure – Challenges, Solutions, Potentials

Learn details about industry-specific solutions that get to the heart of your challenges. You will find all the details clearly arranged in our pharmaceutical brochure. Whether uncomplicated OEE recording as an entry-level solution for productivity recording, transparent, holistic as well as flexibly expandable MDA/PDA solution or efficient and error-free production planning. Find out more here:

At a Glance

Are you interested in the productivity of a plant? Our easyOEE productivity measuring device provides exactly this key figure as a complete system. It offers permanent monitoring of the machine condition and the display of production key figures in real time. You do not need any additional hardware or software components. The quick and easy to install plug-and-play complete system does not require any validation and is therefore your perfect entry into transparent production.

The modular FASTEC 4 PRO is the IT system on the shop floor level and provides the connection between the technically oriented
processes there and the business processes on the management level. Building on the basic module, all FASTEC 4 PRO modules can be combined with one another according to your requirements. FASTEC 4 PRO can be used as an independent monitoring system to record disturbance data and does not require any GMP validation. This allows you to digitally display and assess the risks associated with the manufacturing process or finished products in compliance with legal requirements.

A list of the throughput times for the individual articles is displayed, which is created by way of several production orders.

Machine productivity is determined by dividing the sum of the produced IO modules IO by the utilization time on the resource (in hours). The process quality results from the downtime in minutes per 1,000 IO units. Only downtimes are taken into account. Example: In one day there were 180 minutes of downtime and 100,000 good parts were produced. Based on the calculation 180/(100,000/1,000)=180/100, this results in a process quality of 1.8.

More complex lines, e.g. with clean room areas, can be displayed with several, parallel terminals. This allows entries to be made in any area. An ideal solution, not only for long or confusing lines. Buffers can divide lines into two areas, for example in lines with cooling lines. Thus, disturbances in one area reach the other area delayed in time. When the fault has reached the other area, information on duration of the downtime in the primary area is displayed. In this way, the employee knows when operations are likely to continue and can perform other tasks in the meantime.

Your Advantages in Production Control – at All Levels

Benefits for Production Managers

  • Minimized idle times, reduction of downtimes
  • Fast, targeted response to disturbances or performance losses
  • Identification of deficiencies
  • Improved order and personnel planning
  • Higher throughput thanks to shorter processing times
  • Paperless production
  • Maintenance integrated into production processes

    CONCLUSION: A transparent production minimizes your waste of resources.

Benefits for Machine Operators

  • Continuous target/actual comparison provides up-to-date key figures on order progress
  • Simple recording of all machine and process disturbances
  • Digital provision of order-related documents and monitoring of important process data
  • Order bookings directly at the machine
  • Requesting maintenance in the event of major disturbances

    CONCLUSION: Digital monitoring of the production process guarantees efficient operation of your machines.

Benefits for Maintenance Staff

  • Preventive maintenance is effectively integrated
  • Planning of maintenance takes into account machine utilization
  • Electronic maintenance facilities are provided on site
  • Digital documentation of all maintenance work carried out, including spare parts consumption for all operating resources
  • Comprehensive reports for analysis of maintenance measures

    CONCLUSION: Preventive maintenance and complete, seamless documentation ensure that your machines are well taken care of.

Benefits for Managers and Controllers

  • Reliable, meaningful database to support strategic decisions
  • Continuous performance measurement enables up-to-date key figures
  • Productivity potentials are revealed
  • Savings or margin increase by reducing production costs
  • Optimal CIP analysis tool
  • ROI in less than 12 months

    CONCLUSION: With digitally generated, meaningful reports, you make the right decisions and ensure your company's success.

MES Modules From FASTEC 4 PRO

Module Quality Assurance (QA)

Standard Functions Included

  • Automatic data transfer from peripheral devices/PLC
  • Automatic inspection
  • Data archiving
  • Digital checklists
  • Simple inspection plan creation
  • Intuitive operator entries during production
  • Proactive information management
  • Inspection plans/inspection orders
  • Samples/statistical process controls (SPC)
  • Top level dashboards on large screens

Module Detailed Scheduling (DS)

Standard Functions Included

  • Production variants/versions
  • Gantt chart with drag and drop functionality
  • Comfort functions for an efficient planning process
  • Planning regarding limited capacities
  • Testing of rule violations
  • Scenarios with analyses

Optional Extensions

  • Equipment availability planning
  • Material availability planning
  • Personnel availability planning
  • Campaigns/planning groups
  • Changeover matrices/rules, calculation of the setup times

Module Traceability (TRC)

Standard Functions Included

  • First Pass Yield
  • Forward and backward searches

Optional Extensions

  • Connection to measuring equipment (Q-DAS)
  • Label printer control
  • Material review board (MRB)
  • Material traceability
  • Process traceability
  • Process interlocking
  • Serial number/batch traceability
  • Serial number generator

Module Maintenance (M)

Standard Functions Included

  • Planned maintenance
  • Personnel deployment and requirements planning
  • Alerting
  • Hierarchical structures
  • Maintenance plans/orders
  • Calendar/runtime/counter/state triggers
  • Request and task management
  • Pareto and Pivot analyses
  • Autonomous maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Synchronization with MDA

Module Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)

Standard Functions Included

  • Intuitive input screens
  • Comprehensive and simple reporting
    – Differentiation of rejects
    – Performance analysis
    – Setup time report
    – States reports
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Optional Extensions

  • KPI configurator
  • Process data acquisition
  • Process messages (PM)

Module Production Data Acquisition (PDA)

Standard Functions Included

  • Production order management
    – Routings
    – Bill of material
  • Various order types

Optional Extensions

  • Automatic order start from PLC
  • DNC/EDS set data management
  • Document display
    – e.g. training videos, changeover instructions
  • Dynamic target setup times
  • Energy data acquisition
  • ERP bookings
    – Recording of quantities/time regarding the production order/start date
    – Automatic reporting into the ERP system
    – Based on packing instructions

Basic Module

Standard Functions Included 

  • Audit trail
  • Basic data editor
  • User/rights management
  • Multilingualism
  • Report Designer
  • View Designer
  • Master data management
  • Resource Logbook

Optional Extensions

  • Alerts
  • Connection to BI/BW systems
  • ERP interface
  • Graphical online monitoring (e.g. Andon board)
  • Machine connection
  • Mobile Client
  • Office Client

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