Process Data Acquisition – Machine Data in Real Time!

With our additional function Process Data Acquisition you can read out process data of machines and plants in real time, evaluate them transparently and save them permanently in a database.

The Most Important Functions at a Glance

  • Acquisition, logging and storing of configured process values
  • Freely configurable time trigger for all process values
  • Monitoring tolerance and intervention limits and triggering off messages and alarms
  • Displaying OEE states in the overall display
  • Immediate availability of graphical and tabular evaluations at the push of a button
  • Printing and data export to Excel

Benefits for Your Corporate Success

  • Monitoring the configured process values permanently in search of deviations
  • Permanently storing all process data in a database
  • Convenient evaluations including time filters, shift filters and article filters even for longer periods of time in graphical and tabular form
  • Reliable documentation of processes in the form of protocols, log books and diagrams

Additional Function Process Data Acquisition: In Detail

Process Data Acquisition makes production processes comprehensible. This effectively supports you in identifying production errors and process defects. You can detect deviations right from the start and thus, among other things, you can avoid the production of scrap parts before they even occur. With the additional function Process Data Acquisition, you can record process values – such as temperature and pressure – in relation to time. The permanent storage in a database is the basis for extensive analysis options. In combination with our module Production Data Acquisition (PDA), you can also create article and order references.

With the additional function Process Data Acquisition you can monitor and document the entire production process consistently and in real time on the basis of essential influencing variables. Process data such as analog measurement data (temperatures, pressures, etc.) are read out directly from the machine control. However, they can also be acquired via sensors at analog inputs, e.g. by means of an I/O module. The acquisition of the measured values is freely configurable. You also have the option of configuring tolerance ranges, references, warning and action limits for each process value yourself. These values are then automatically monitored.

If a value is exceeding or falling below the defined limit,  you can have your predefined contact person notified immediately. In this way, you can ensure rapid intervention and take countermeasures.

The additional function Process Data Acquisition offers even more benefits in combination with other FASTEC 4 PRO modules such as the MES module Production Data Acquisition (PDA) as well as the MES module Traceability, which can also be used to track articles and orders.

FASTEC 4 PRO Additional Function “Process Data Acquisition”

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Basic Data User Protocol

Basic Data User Protocol

Basic Data User Protocol

Our MES Modules – Custom-Fit With a Central Database

Diverse requirements – one solution: Building on the MES basic module, all FASTEC 4 PRO modules can be combined individually and tailored to your needs. The individual MES modules access a common and uniform database. In this way you always have consistent data – there are no interfaces

between the modules and there is no redundant data stored. Due to the modular structure, a step-by-step and demand-oriented implementation of the software modules up to a digitalization of all areas of your entire production at one or more locations is possible.

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