Mobile Client – the Ideal Addition to the Additional Function Alerting

Our app is the ideal addition to the additional function alerting. You receive information about all production events anytime and anywhere – reliable, complete, freely configurable.

The Most Important Functions at a Glance

  • Consistent mobile monitoring of important data and events, e.g. statuses, orders, produced or processed quantities
  • Easy and individual configuration of important alarm events, e.g. technical faults, shortage of materials, excessive scrap production, exceeding or falling below the default values
  • Detailed push notification including information on source, time, duration of the status as well as an optional free text
  • Multi-level escalation management
  • Freely configurable definition of message chains
  • Complete logging and acknowledgement of all alarm messages

Benefits for Your Corporate Success

  • The entire production at a glance – with smartphone and tablet
  • Immediate response to problems, disturbances, interruptions and delays in the production process
  • Continuous monitoring of production even in unmanned ghost shifts and on weekends
  • Reduction of downtimes and therefore higher productivity

Additional Function Mobile Client: In Detail

The Mobile Client app is the ideal extension to your Alerting module. Based on FASTEC 4 PRO, real-time data for the mobile monitoring is obtained and subsequently visualized in your smartphone or tablet app. This means up-to-date information about the condition, duration of the state, order, processed quantities, total quantities, scrap parts or good parts are always with you.

In FASTEC 4 PRO you configure the display of the app the way you want it to be displayed to the different groups of users. In this way, you can avoid that machine operators from hall 1 is informed about downtimes in hall 3, for example. The configuration of the Mobile Client gives you extensive options for mapping the special requirements of the user, be it push messages for your production manager or non-time-critical information for your management. In order to process the alarm messages, FASTEC 4 PRO simultaneously creates a log for the time at which the message was sent and an acknowledgement by the recipient. If the recipient does not respond to the alarm message within a certain period of time, the escalation management in FASTEC 4 PRO alerts other users according to your specifications. This guarantees that the reason for the alarm can be eliminated as quickly as possible.

You can download our app free of charge from the App Store or Google Play and test it in demo mode.

Just try it! Download our app and try the demo version.

You can get our “FASTEC 4 PRO Mobile Client” app free of charge at the App Store or at Google Play.

Basic Data User Protocol

Basic Data User Protocol

Basic Data User Protocol

Our MES Modules – Custom-Fit With a Central Database

Diverse requirements – one solution: Building on the MES basic module, all FASTEC 4 PRO modules can be combined individually and tailored to your needs. The individual MES modules access a common and uniform database. In this way you always have consistent data – there are no interfaces between the

modules and there is no redundant data stored. Due to the modular structure, a step-by-step and demand-oriented implementation of the software modules up to a digitalization of all areas of your entire production at one or more locations is possible.

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