DNC and Configuration Data – We Speak the Language of the Machines

The FASTEC 4 PRO additional function DNC and Configuration Data enables easy data transfer to the machine. This replaces physical data carriers and speeds up production steps.

The Most Important Functions at a Glance

  • Centralized storage and structured administration of all program files and versions
  • Comprehensive search function according to various criteria, e.g. machine, article, program number
  • Supported versioning of data records
  • Supported uploads and downloads of data records
  • Display machine status and transfer progress
  • Machine connection via the Ethernet network
  • Connection of older machines with serial interfaces (RS232/485) via interface converters

Benefits for Your Corporate Success

  • Orderly storage
  • Central administration of all program files
  • Permanent availability of current versions
  • Prevent accidental use of old versions
  • Simple and standardized operation

Additional Function DNC and Configuration Data: In Detail

Modern machines running in your production already have highly sophisticated controls that execute production orders using NC programs, setting data records, recipes or configuration data records. Since the corresponding files are often developed in your design or work preparation department, a data transfer from the design offices to the machine is necessary. In some cases, physical carriers are still used to transmit this data. However, thanks to the direct machine connection this complicated step has become obsolete. The FASTEC 4 PRO additional function DNC and Configuration Data takes over and digitalizes this step. Since you can do without physical data records, you avoid using outdated versions. The latest version is always available. In this way you sustainably reduce the number of errors and make work easier for your machine operators.

Would You Like to Get to Know Our MES Modules and Reference Solutions?

Information about out modular software solution FASTEC 4 PRO, eight-part whitepaper series “MES and Industry 4.0,” user reports …

Our MES Modules – Custom-Fit With a Central Database

Diverse requirements – one solution: Building on the MES basic module, all FASTEC 4 PRO modules can be combined individually and tailored to your needs. The individual MES modules access a common and uniform database. In this way you always have consistent data – there are no interfaces between the

modules and there is no redundant data stored. Due to the modular structure, a step-by-step and demand-oriented implementation of the software modules up to a digitalization of all areas of your entire production at one or more locations is possible.

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