easyOEE: Your Flexible Productivity Measuring Device

The complete system, which is quick and easy to install, is your perfect introduction to MES: Via LAN, WLAN, directly or offline using a USB token. Enter the digital world of production – installed by us on-site or via remote access.

Ready for Use Within 48 Hours

Fast Analysis of Machine Productivity

The productivity of a machine can be mapped quickly, easily and, above all, precisely with just one key figure – the OEE value. The basic idea here is a simple formula that provides precise information about how productive a machine or assembly workstation is. Our OEE measuring device provides you with exactly this key figure – regardless of the machine type and manufacturer. You receive transparency and reliable data. easyOEE is delivered to you as a ready-to-use system. It is a plug-and-play complete system that is quick and easy to install and therefore, it is ready to use right out of the box. You do not need any additional hardware or software components. Getting started is possible at any time and of course, also during the restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic. Quite simply by remote access.

Highlights of easyOEE

  • Cost-effective and fast entry into the world of OEE
  • For rent to ensure the fastest ROI
  • Pre-installed software on touch panel PC
  • No intervention in machine control required
  • Starting machine monitoring within a very short time
  • Short training period
  • Permanent monitoring of the machine condition and display of the production key figures in real time
  • Access anytime, anywhere from any PC or via web browser
  • Detailed evaluations by order, article, shift
  • Alerting function included
  • Suitable for supporting a decision in favor of implementing MES

Get started with your MES today, quickly, easily and securely! Rent our OEE measuring device easyOEE, starting at EUR 390

Getting Started Quickly

easyOEE can be provided and installed within 48 hours. In addition, it hardly takes any training time.

Good Value

easyOEE is your cost-efficient introduction to the world of OEE. Benefit from our automated data acquisition and absolute transparency.

Live Analysis

All recorded data can be evaluated directly and immediately
at your PC workstation. All you need is a web browser.

Your Benefits in Detail

The automatic recording of machine data (e.g. quantities, cycle times, scrap quantities, downtimes) with the help of easyOEE and the input of the operating personnel give you precise information about the effectiveness of the workplace (performance, availability, quality level, OEE). This can be evaluated on any PC workstation. In this way, you can noticeably improve the productivity and thus the revenues in your company in a continuous improvement process (CIP). Our OEE measuring device provides you with exactly the facts that you need and can be used wherever there are production machines. easyOEE is also ideally equipped for international use.

  • Monitoring, easy order registration, entering reasons for downtimes and feedback of quantities and rejects
  • Automatic acquisition, storage and logging of all data in real time
  • Enter the reasons for downtimes directly in the input mask with a simple finger tap
  • Comprehensive analysis of machine downtimes with regard to time, duration, cause etc. and deriving suitable measures to avoid them
  • Detailing reasons for downtimes by entering free text

Access to machine status and customizable status information, article name, order number, target/actual cycle, target/actual quantity, availability, performance, quality, OEE, status timeline etc. from a web browser.

Automatic notification by e-mail or optionally by SMS (at additional costs) in the event of disturbances, timeouts, loss of performance etc.

  • Dynamic, web-based, graphical and tabular evaluations for fast and efficient detection of reasons for faults
  • Filtering and grouping of all reports for easy comparison, analysis and evaluation
  • Printing all evaluations and lists
  • Export of evaluations in CSV format
  • Data correction possible
  • Manual feedback of good and reject parts (and/or automatic acquisition)
  • Individualization with customer logo, company name, cost center etc.
  • 3-stage user administration (user, manager, administrator)
  • Multilingualism for international use

Productivity can be calculated – with the OEE formula.

It's as Easy as That

easyOEE is flexibel – also when it comes to accessing the recorded data. All recorded data can be evaluated quickly and directly at your PC workstation.

All you need is a web browser (Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, Firefox or Chrome). The following options are available for accessing the data:


The data is accessed via your company's own cable network


With the optional module "easyOEE WLAN" you can implement data access via your own company's internal wireless network.

Direct Connection

You can also connect the easyOEE directly to your PC

Offline Operation

Alternatively, you can store the data on a USB flash drive and then read it out at your PC workstation: For this purpose we provide you with the "easyOEE Viewer" software free of charge

Renting Without Any Risks

Are You Interested in Increasing Productivity With OEE?

We will send you an easyOEE rental device, which you can test extensively and practically. We only charge you a user fee for this. If you are no longer interested, simply return the OEE measuring device to us. Are you interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be pleased to advise you!

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