Special requirements in the automotive sector:

  • backtracking of batches or individual parts
  • assembly/disassembly support based on plausibility checks more
  • material handling control via a distribution control system
  • monitoring of power test stations more

Assembly/disassembly support based on plausibility checks

Data collection – assembly / interlocking

With receipt of the process confirmation, for example by scanning the component’s serial number, components of an assembly are marked as ‘installed’ by the assembly station. When scanning a required component, the status is requested and in addition, it is checked whether the component has already been installed. In such a case an error code appears in the assembly station. Then, the assembly station has to prevent (by process interlocking) that the scanned component is being used.

NOK-assemblies are stored as NOK-data records and receive an auxiliary serial number (contains XXX …). The components used in the assembly can be installed in another unit; they are not blocked.


At the disassembly station, a module to be disassembled first of all is registered via scanner. The assignments of the components are deleted and the marks ‘installed’ are removed. Now, it is possible to reuse each of the components.

A function specific report shows all enquiries about a component that has already been installed (every occurrence of an assigned error code in the assembly station). Each entry contains at least the timestamp of the enquiry and the concerned serial number of the component.

Tool for test stations’ usage statistics

An automobile manufacturer uses FASTEC 4 PRO to determine and improve utilisation of test stations for electronic drives. With the help of the system, the utilisation of the existing 140 test stations is continuously and automatically determined and analysed. The state-logging is performed, for example by cyclical reading of log files that are generated and constantly updated by the test station computer.