Maintenance functions

  • Clearly structured management of all production resources
  • Planning, operational support and documentation of maintenance procedures
  • Comprehensive evaluations (MTBF, MTTR also) of the tasks carried out
  • Creation of maintenance and inspection plans for any number of resources
  • Automatically generated maintenance recommendations
  • Efficient, paperless support for the maintenance technicians and integration of service documents
  • Management of spare parts including storage areas

The benefits you derive from Maintenance

  • Optimised, efficient maintenance processes
  • Less failure susceptibility of the production resources
  • Best possible support for maintenance technicians
  • Avoidance of expensive, unnecessary repairs
  • Optimised scheduling of maintenance intervals
  • Comprehensive evaluation options for all activities

Higher machine running times through effective maintenance

The FASTEC 4 PRO module Maintenance supports the maintenance technicians operationally and organisationally in all occurring maintenance activities – for repairs just as well as for preventive maintenance.

Machine repairs can be documented directly on the production terminal of the machine (repair time, material used, notes about the repair, etc.). This prompt recording helps improve document quality with complete data and exact times. In connection with the module Document Viewer, existing maintenance documents are immediately available on the monitor. Revisions can still be done later on the office PC.

Offline recording, e.g. for maintenance outside the factory, is also supported by tablet or notebook.

Maximise sustainable availability in your production

In the context of preventive maintenance, the system generates maintenance recommendations based on stored maintenance, inspection or repair plans referenced to time and, in combination with the MES module for Machine Data Acquisition (MDA), to throughput. These recommendations can be refused or converted to concrete orders and processed accordingly.

In the module Detail Scheduling, maintenance orders are handled in the same way as production orders and are therefore considered in the production planning. On the one hand, system availability and effectiveness is conspicuously increased; on the other hand, avoiding unnecessary maintenance work saves costs and time.

Causes, measures and expenses can be analysed in detailed evaluations to continually optimise maintenance planning.

Information for faster reaction

In association with the FASTEC 4 PRO modules Alarm or Monitoring, machine downtimes can be reduced even more efficiently, as necessary repair calls can be initiated more quickly.

For example, the module Alarm can send an e-mail or SMS message to the maintenance technician as soon as a machine is stopped for longer than 5 minutes. Alternatively, all machines that are down for over 10 minutes can be displayed on an easily visible large screen in the factory hall via Monitoring.

Autonomous Maintenance (TPM)

In addition to the MES module Maintenance, FASTEC 4 PRO contains the Autonomous Maintenance module. Here, minor measures such as machine cleaning, oiling, etc. can be directly conveyed to the machine operator, to reinforce the relationship between the operator and ”his” machine, promoting awareness of responsibility. Furthermore, it also promotes time, costs and personnel savings and helps avoiding to call a maintenance technician for smaller maintenance tasks. You will find more information about the MES module Autonomous Maintenance (TPM) here.

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