Alarm functions

  • A simple and individual configuration of alarm events, like for instance failures, shortage of material, excessive production of scrap, deviation of pre-set values, etc.
  • Multi-level escalation management
  • Definition of alarm-chains
  • Different types of notifications such as phone call, e-mail, SMS, mobile app push message or pop-up message on the office client

The benefits you derive from the alarm function

  • Permanent real time control of the production
  • Allowing immediate response to problems, failures, interruptions, delays, etc. in the production process
  • Production monitoring in ghost shifts and on weekend shifts with reduced deployment
  • Increase in productivity as a result of minimised down times
  • Flexible and optimised personnel deployment

Comprehensive information at any time

Alarms help you to recognise deviations in the production process quickly. If something in the production is not running according to plan, the MES Alarm module informs you immediately – even when you are not at the workplace. The alarm possibilities themselves are multifaceted and function on the PC, in loud production environments, or while being underway via smartphone or tablet with the extension module Mobile Client.

Fast intervention for malfunctions

Alarms can be triggered by different events: the change to certain, usually undesirable states, exceeded times, infringed limit values, performance loss, reaching set counting values, the (upcoming) end of an order, material shortages, etc.

Configuring alarm messages

Alarm sources can be any resources configured in FASTEC 4 PRO. You configure the events which trigger an alarm in so called “alarm-chains”. You define, which employee will be informed about which event by which medium. Delays and waiting times can also be specified, whereby a multi-stage escalation management can be realised. Consequently, if events persist, further receivers are informed one after the other.

Key performance indicators such as OEE, NEE, performance etc. can be monitored and if critical deviations occur, the responsible employees are immediately notified. By this way, suitable measures can be initiated without delay for quick counteraction.

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