Process Data Acquisition functions

  • Capture, log and save the configured process values
  • Freely configurable temporal triggering of all process values
  • Monitoring of processes and intervention limits
  • Triggering alarm notifications
  • Fade OEE statuses in and out of the process values display
  • Graphic and tabular evaluations created at the push of a button
  • Print and export to Excel

The benefits you derive from Process Data Acquisition

  • Permanent monitoring of configurable process values for limits that are exceeded and/or have fallen below
  • Process data remain permanently stored in a databank
  • Convenient graphic and tabular evaluations (time filter, shift filter, article filter) even over longer time periods
  • Documentation of processes in the form of protocols, logbooks and charts

Recognise problems at an early stage; remedy shortcomings

With the Process Data Acquisition module, process values such as temperature, pressure, etc. can be recorded on a time-related basis, permanently stored and analysed at any time. In combination with the module Production Data Acquisition, the article and order reference can be established as well.

The MES module Process Data Acquisition makes production processes traceable and provides you with effective support in identifying production faults and process deficiencies. Thereby it is possible to recognise deviations right at the outset and avoid production of bad parts.

Evaluating in real time

The MES module Product Data Acquisition helps you monitoring and documenting the entire production process on the basis of essential influencing variables in real time. Process data, such as analogue measurement values (temperatures, pressures, etc.), are either read out directly from the machine control via a data interface or captured by sensors at analogue inputs (e.g. by the FASTEC I/O module).

The acquisition of measurement values is freely configurable and is executed either by a trigger (e.g. per produced part) or cyclically (e.g. every second). Features to configure tolerance ranges and notice, warning and intervention limits for each process value are implemented. Those values are then monitored automatically.

Following this approach, problems in the production process are detected at an early stage in order to avoid the production of scrap and other undesirable outcomes.

Alarms for deviations

If a defined limit is exceeded or has fallen below, also immediate alarms can be sent to contact persons filed in the system to enable fast intervention and counteraction. For this function, the MES module Alarming in FASTEC 4 PRO is required.

Integration in FASTEC 4 PRO

The module Process Data Acquisition was conceived as a full-fledged individual system. However, it develops its true strength in combination with other modules from FASTEC 4 PRO, such as the MES module Production Data Acquisition (PDA) and the MES module Traceability, whereby traceability referenced to article and order is also possible.

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