MES implementation needs to be thoroughly planned and prepared. The future MES system will be involved in many employees’ work processes and, therefore, the respective personnel should be advised at an early stage. This will not only enhance acceptance of the system but will also ensure a careful selection of all requirements and a successful integration into the system design. It might be advisable to divide the project and to gradually implement the system if various functional areas are intended to be covered.

System implementation

After choosing your suitable MES system, the process of system implementation can start. Appointing a responsible project manager onsite has proven to be the most successful approach for our projects. However, it should be taken into account that – depending on the project phase – the system implementation will require considerable commitment and won’t be of subordinate importance.

Careful system implementation pays off, otherwise you won’t achieve the full benefit of the system.

All system requirements and its technical implementation will be discussed in a kick-off workshop. Based on these considerations, a customised configuration of the system will be performed which is usually carried out by project staff of the system provider.

After the customer has given final approval, system installation can start onsite.

In order to achieve the desired results rapidly it is essential that all employees concerned attend an user training in the introductory phase and, furthermore, that the new system is used consistently.