Monitoring functions

  • Graphical machine park representation with real time data
  • Tabular and graphic views
  • Slide views changing at individually adjustable times
  • Tickers as information source for employees
  • Simple configuration of individual views for each application area

The benefits you derive from Monitoring

  • Overview of the entire production in real time
  • Fast propagation of essential information enables immediate reaction to events and malfunctions
  • Optically enhanced data preparation eases making decisions
  • Simple, fast configuration of views the user can create independently

Targeted presentation and strengthening the information flow

From hall layout with machine statuses, through visualisation of order-related process data up to condensed information for business management, operation supervision, quality assurance and so on – with the MES module Monitoring all the necessary information can be displayed on different devices such as production terminals, monitors or large screens.

Set up information specifically addressing the target group

The display on the selected screens can be arranged individually and dependent on the use. While the business management wants to look over the production summary of the last eight hours, the current status and fault messages are most important for quality assurance. With the Monitoring Designer (an additional module of the MES module Monitoring), entirely new views can be created to address the right target group. Alternatively, screen masks received with the standard scope of the Monitoring module can be used.

Multifaceted visualisation possibilities

Order-related information, current production data and individually designed reports are just a part to be displayed with the MES module. Additionally, current KPIs can be visualised as tables or graphic views (also in periodically changing sequences). Other elements, e.g. websites and news tickers, can also be displayed through the Monitoring module.

MES module Monitoring – a step towards lean production and Industrie 4.0

Among other things, defined lean production principles include merging competences and responsibilities, working in networks and synchronising flows. This gives rise to transparency and results in a continual improvement process.
However, the precondition is to involve all employees of the production, supporting them with all relevant information as well as a common agreement on a precisely specified goal.

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