Our solution for corporate groups

With Corporate Analytics, you can concentrate, standardise and centrally evaluate information from FASTEC 4 PRO systems distributed worldwide. In the process, not only is the OEE module standardised with, for example, machines and statuses, but even the respective languages used and basic time zones are transformed.
With this standardisation of data, you can compare machines in different plants and production areas with your special downtime categories and reasons.
Furthermore, this information can be linked and analysed with additional data, e. g.  from an ERP system.

MES for corporate groups – Corporate Analytics in a nutshell

  • Business intelligence tool for analysis across several facilities
  • Production key performance indicators from different locations equipped with FASTEC 4 PRO can be observed and analysed as an aggregate.
  • Standardisation of the OEE model in relation to machines and statuses, even in relation to languages and time zones
  • Possibility to link data from other sources (e.g. ERP or other electronic data processing systems)
  • Based on standard Microsoft BI technology, Microsoft SQL server, analysis services, reporting services, Excel service for Sharepoint

How it works

From a central Corporate Analytics server, a connection to the different locations of your company is established within a defined time frame and specified interval – of course via a secure data line such as VPN Backbone.

The acquired data relevant for the analysis are transferred and saved in a data warehouse. Now you have access to these and additional data (e.g. from ERP systems) and can create any number of linked evaluations. This has no effect on the performance of the respective FASTEC 4 PRO systems at the other locations.

For a generalised OEE evaluation over differently organised facilities, all data needs to be standardised. Therefore, the partial OEE key indicators of performance and quality are not calculated on the basis of produced piece counts but according to time fractions; this way, even production orders with batch size 1 can be cleanly depicted.

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