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Partner Presentation: Gustav Wilms oHG

As a system integrator for RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and AutoID technology, Gustav Wilms oHG offers complete solutions for the digitalization of load carriers and product tracking - from consulting to the right hardware and software to after-sales service. The family-run company's solutions are independent of industry and manufacturer. Employees with the appropriate specialist knowledge are available for each project step to ensure optimum customer support.

RFID chips are attached to VA trolleys circulating in production for batch tracking. The Wilms software records a large number of readings of the RFID chips itself and passes this information on to FASTEC 4 PRO in a consolidated form. In FASTEC 4 PRO, all information about the current status of production is bundled together and enriched with the information from the RFID chips. FASTEC 4 PRO has the authority to make decisions and can monitor the process flow. This makes it possible to decide and track the order in which the VA trolleys move through production and ensure that the right stations are always processed in the right order.

The advantages for production are a high degree of traceability right through to the end customer. Batches can be traced in detail and it is possible to determine from which VA trolley an end product was taken. Quality assurance and traceability play a particularly important role in regulated industries such as the food sector.

The highly resistant adhesive that Wilms uses to attach the RFID chips to means of transport in production is perfectly designed for the complex requirements of a wide range of production conditions and is already certified in the food environment. From freezing at -15 degrees Celsius to rinsing and cleaning at 90 degrees Celsius, it can withstand everything – the chips are firmly attached.

Wilms’ independence from manufacturers ensures that the company provides an individual solution for each customer project, tailored to the customer’s needs. The software solution and the associated RFID chips can be fitted to a wide range of objects with a wide variety of materials.

What We Particularly Appreciate About Our Partner Wilms

Just like FASTEC, Gustav Wilms oHG is a company that places great value on working in partnership with its customers. In addition to the products offered, service and support therefore also play a central role. In this way, the needs of customers are taken into account and digitization projects are successfully implemented.

A FASTEC customer shows how it’s done: The joint project between FASTEC and Wilms at apetito is a great success!

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