User Report Diehl Controls

MES solution FASTEC 4 PRO at Diehl Controls, location in Wangen. Feel free to download the complete report.

The Software Solution FASTEC 4 PRO at Diehl Controls

Among industrial companies, the competition for the “Factory of the Year/Global Excellence in Operations” award is considered one of the toughest benchmark competitions in Europe. Diehl Controls is awarded the overall winner in 2015. The company convinced the jury with its transparent and fully automated production line. The MES FASTEC 4 PRO decisively contributed to this success. Diehl Controls is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic components for the household appliance industry (appliances) and hardware, software as well as backend solutions for intelligent energy management systems of buildings.

Short and Precise

Awarded Factory of the Year 2015 thanks to transparent, fully automated production lines In addition to the business activities in the appliance sector, Diehl Controls has also housed connectivity solutions at the Wangen location. The plant’s machine park now comprises seven Speed Lines – the largest of which, with a length of 86 meters, now consists of 73 modules. There is also a test and assembly line and three SMT lines.

The decision in favor of FASTEC was made due to the high flexibility of the MES In 2009, the go-ahead was given to implement the MES system at Diehl Controls in Wangen. By then, the company has used its in-house “My MDA” system to increase transparency in production processes through monitoring. Due to the high costs and personnel required to operate the system, the Executive Board made the decision to replace “My MDA” with a commercial MES system. The main reason for choosing FASTEC was the high flexibility of FASTEC 4 PRO – a decision that proved itself against the background of the further development of Diehl Controls in Wangen. Lean management in its purest form The corporate philosophy of Diehl Controls is characterized by transparency, common goals and fairness towards individual employees. Information and communication are essential preconditions for this. A term that has become increasingly important both in this context and in connection with Industry 4.0 is shop floor management: The presentation of information relevant to production, tailored to the respective target group right in the middle of production plays a central role. Monitoring in almost every department Stefan Wespel reports: “At the beginning, we did not use the FASTEC system as intensively as we do today – also because we were not aware of the full potential of FASTEC. The endeavor to continue developing our production in the direction of Industry 4.0 led us to deal intensively with this tool. We have thus made production more transparent and the preparation of the data easier and more comprehensible for everyone, so that everyone can work with it without any problems. Especially in the last few years, the system has paid off for us, because we can use it in a multitude of departments and adapt it flexibly to the requirements of each department. Monitoring has become indispensable for our production today.”

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FASTedge SFT15

The 15-inch touch terminal is required for each machine. It has a universal RFID reader and two digital inputs for machine connection as standard.

FASTedge Box

Both the terminals and the machines are connected to the EdgeBox via LAN or WiFi. The cloud connection is made via your network or mobile communications. At least one EdgeBox is required. The system can later be moved to your own server.


Personal users are required to report the collected data. The number of employees involved in data acquisition in your production does not matter.


Each line and machine in your production is licensed individually.