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Recap of the FASTEC 4 YOU Network Meeting

The first network meeting of the recently established FASTEC 4 YOU user network took place on April 20, 2023. The vision was clear from the start: through the activities in the network, our customers should get the greatest possible benefit from the FASTEC 4 PRO software.

The event was a great success and offered participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and network in workshops. 

The network meeting kicked off with a welcome from Managing Directors Christian Reusch and Stefan Rupprecht and the organizers, followed by a presentation on the latest developments in MES software. Workshops were then offered in which the participants could deepen their knowledge and gain practical experience. In the workshop “Digital Maintenance”, Steffen Dams (responsible for maintenance at FASTEC) and Matthias Benkert (user of FASTEC 4 PRO at OKE) presented some maintenance scenarios live in FASTEC 4 PRO.

After the lunch break, Daniel Kierstein (independent consultant for operational excellence) took over a workshop on the topic of operational excellence. In the first part, he went into detail about the best practices that he developed during his time as Operational Excellence Manager at Schülke & Mayr. Mr. Kierstein worked there for several years with the FASTEC 4 PRO software and was able to provide the participants with valuable input on the topic of data competence.

In the second part of the workshop, the participants got active themselves. Divided into four groups, they developed best practices from their professional experience in four areas of operational excellence.

  • FASTEC 4 PRO in General

– What are good practices for using the software?
– What are helpful tricks for operation?
– Which reports/functions/modules are particularly recommended?

  • Problem-Solving Skills (Lean/CI/KVP)

– What are good practices for problem-solving skills / continuous improvement? Dos / Don’ts?
– What has worked well for you?
– Which methods are well established in your organization?
– Is there any recommended reading?

  • Mindset and Behavior

– What are good practices for creating a productive and motivated mindset in companies?
– How can negative behavior patterns be broken or positive behavior patterns strengthened?

  • Daten Literacy

– What are good practices to build or expand data literacy?
– What has worked well for you?
– Which IT tools can help?
– Is there any recommended reading?

It was amazing to see how much knowledge and experience there is within the group and how willing the participants were to share their knowledge. Members of the network can download the results here. 

In addition to the workshops, there were many breaks as well. This was a great opportunity to network with other MES software users and share experiences. The atmosphere was very pleasant and it was nice to see how the participants supported and learned from each other.

Overall, the network meeting was a huge success. The participants returned to their companies with new ideas, in-depth knowledge and valuable contacts. The event showed how important it is to exchange ideas and network with other users in order to unlock the full potential of the software. 

We are already looking forward to next time!

Author: Linda Bauer

Team Lead Marketing
Experience in B2B communication and target group-specific copywriting in print and online since 2019.

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