User Report Ritter Sport

MES solution FASTEC 4 PRO at Alfred Ritter GmbH und Co. KG, Waldenbuch.
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The Software Solution FASTEC 4 PRO at Ritter Sport

In the city of Waldenbuch in Aichtal, Germany, sweet happiness has been poured into square shapes since 1932 by the business Alfred Ritter GmbH and Co. KG. By now, they have been exported to more than 100 countries. The family company Ritter Sport, founded in 1912, has declared chocolate production its core competence and consistently pursues its self-defined aspiration to be the best within each category of each individual kind of chocolate. This requires a consistently high quality of the raw ingredients and flexible processing. Since 2012, the MES-Lösung FASTEC 4 PRO has been supporting the production processes of the chocolate manufacturer in Baden-Württemberg.

Short and Precise

From easyOEE to FASTEC 4 PRO
The business RITTER SPORT introduced easyOEE in 2010 already, the flexible instrument is measuring the effectiveness of specific machines to record and evaluate the reasons for downtimes. The easyOEE complemented the in-house performance measurement system until this combination was replaced by the holistic MES solution FASTEC 4 PRO in 2012.

In-house software solution reaches its limits
To gain an insight into the performance of production,
RITTER SPORT used an in-house performance measurement system until the implementation of FASTEC 4 PRO.
However, this in-house system was subject to clear restrictions, because no fixed causes of downtimes were
stored. Another factor complicating matters is that the
generated data was stored in one data base only. There
were no fast and focused evaluation options (for example
the evaluation of certain causes of downtimes), which
is why the realization of evaluations took a lot of time.

Clear data for all departments
In 2012 the decision was made to implement a holistic MES solution. Markus Schimpf, project manager production at Ritter Sport, has been there from the beginning of the FASTEC-MES launch: “Not only in the CIP department there is a need for clear production data, downtime protocols and analyses of causes. An improved operability and a fast and focused evaluation were in focus.” Torsten Schlegel, CIP Coordinator at Ritter Sport, also appreciates the fast and focused creation of evaluations that is done within a matter of seconds.

Implementation of FASTEC 4 PRO
With the goal in mind to to connect the entire machinery to the MES, the project started in 2012 with a pilot installation of a molding plant – including the packaging machine and memory. Approximately four weeks passed from the start of the project to the first substantial data, in the following, the remaining machines were connected quickly. At Ritter Sport, machine data are read out via an interface directly from the S7 controller.

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