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Identification of Optimization Potentials at NaBento Vliesstoff GmbH

Die NaBento Vliesstoff GmbH gehört zur Huesker Synthetic GmbH, welche intelligente Geo-Technik entwickelt und produziert. Im NaBento Werk in Ellefeld werden Dichtungsbahnen gefertigt, welche konventionelle, mineralische Dichtungen sicher und wirtschaftlich ersetzen können. In der Produktion wurde eine Potenzialanalyse mit easyOEE durchgeführt, um im Vorfeld höherer Investitionen in Digitalisierungsmaßnahmen Möglichkeiten zur Outputsteigerung zu identifizieren und zu beziffern. Basierend auf den positiven Ergebnissen wurde der Projektstart mit der ganzheitlichen Softwarelösung FASTEC 4 PRO initiiert.

Initial Situation

The production department works with the SAP ERP system. For a long time, production data was still recorded manually, meaning that shift reports and quantities produced were recorded manually in paper-based shift logs. In addition, only estimates were made for set-up and cleaning times, which resulted in a very inaccurate database. In addition, there was a high administrative burden and confusing piles of paper in production, resulting in a lack of objectivity and transparency when recording and reporting production data.

Potential Analysis with easyOEE

The simple, rentable entry-level solution via a potential analysis with easyOEE was very attractive for NaBento’s relatively small plant with a small number of employees. Before implementing a comprehensive software solution such as FASTEC 4 PRO, easyOEE was used to analyze whether the investment was worthwhile. Christopher Fischer, Plant Manager at NaBento Vliesstoff GmbH, summarizes:

‘Without making any major investments, first sounding out the potential of production and testing digital data acquisition on a plant was the optimal solution for us. In addition, communication with FASTEC was very good right from the start: simple and clear. There was no reason to look elsewhere. 

The advantages of easyOEE were quickly apparent in our day-to-day work: the digital solution ensured that a lot of paperwork and manual work was already eliminated in the analysis phase. The potential analysis revealed the weak points in production using one system as an example and provided real-time transparency about the current status of production. Christopher Fischer confirms:

Thanks to easyOEE, we have identified the potential to increase output by 20-30%, which was not previously apparent. We are delighted to be able to realize this potential on all systems with FASTEC 4 PRO!

Conclusion and Outlook

Following the successes achieved with easyOEE, NaBento would like to further digitalize production with FASTEC 4 PRO and bind several systems. The Ellefeld plant employs around 25 people on three lines, so it is a relatively small production site. Nevertheless, the implementation of MES software is worthwhile due to its flexible scalability, so that extensions are to follow after completion of the first project with FASTEC 4 PRO. The software is also to be taken into account in the current ideas for site development and the acquisition of a new plant. Furthermore, an SAP interface is planned in order to digitally integrate Production orders into the MES and to write quantities and times back to the ERP system. 

For more details about the digitalization project and other success stories from our customers, visit our download portal.

Author: Linda Bauer

Team Lead Marketing
Experience in B2B communication and target group-specific copywriting in print and online since 2019.

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