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Time Savings and Increased Efficiency with FASTEC 4 PRO

The use of the FASTEC 4 PRO Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in production at Zum Dorfkrug means time savings and a significant increase in efficiency for employees at all levels. Machine and Production Data Acquisition (MDA/PDA) is now completely digital.

Reliable Production Data: 70 % More Disruptions Detected

The use of FASTEC 4 PRO has simplified many processes at Zum Dorfkrug and ensured a uniform database. All employees, whether in the office or directly on the store floor on large screens, can now view the status of production and report data in real-time. This saves an enormous amount of time and reduces effort. There have also been improvements in the recording of short downtimes. While these were previously recorded manually in Excel, they have now become accurate and measurable digital data.

Zum Dorfkrug is now able to detect around 70 to 75 percent more disruptions than before. The reduced effort involved in data acquisition can also be shown in figures: Whereas before FASTEC 4 PRO was used, employees spent around 0.5 hours a day on reports in a week, this now only takes around one hour a week in total.

Goal: Simplify Processes, Reduce Effort

Before using the MES FASTEC 4 PRO at Zum Dorfkrug, employees recorded the data from production manually in Excel and then reported on it. This was very complex, time-consuming and led to errors that caused costs and made the process inefficient. Even if it makes no visible difference to consumers, digital data acquisition has many advantages for production employees. One goal of the project with FASTEC was to simplify processes and reduce the workload for individual employees. The collected data was also to be presented in a coherent and clear manner. 

FASTEC 4 PRO only comes to life in a manufacturing company if employees accept it. It won’t work without them. That’s why everyone should be involved right from the start.

– Dennis Busam, Deputy Production Manager at Zum Dorfkrug

Downtimes and Performance Overview for Individual Products

Today, the company uses the MES to determine the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), which is the key figure for recording productivity in production. This is recorded on a weekly basis. Zum Dorfkrug also reports the Net Equipment Effectiveness (NEE) and the Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP). All values are then compared. The manufacturing company also uses FASTEC 4 PRO to record downtimes and for the performance overview. The latter shows how quickly a product is manufactured. From this, Zum Dorfkrug can derive whether an item can be filled even faster, what measures are necessary to achieve this and what challenges are involved. 

FASTEC 4 PRO helps us a lot with calculations. Even when I’m sitting upstairs in the office, I can see at a glance the start time of a production order, the estimated order end date and other important information. The data is also processed for controlling and helps with price calculations, for example.

– Dennis Busam, Deputy Production Manager at Zum Dorfkrug

The range at Zum Dorfkrug includes a large selection of salad dressings and classic desserts. The dressing “Sylter Salatfrische” was created in the Zum Dorfkrug restaurant and was then sold in supermarkets for the first time in 2004. Today, the company has a production site in Neu Wulmstorf and a farm with its own cows and therefore short production routes. Its customers include food retailers in Germany and Austria.

For detailed information on the optimization projects implemented and the use of the software solution, read the entire user report.

You can find this and other success stories from our customers in our download center.

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