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Facts Instead of Gut Feeling – Best Practices at MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG

Since the initial setup, the software has been continuously expanded and various modules have been introduced. Today, the software solution is the central control element of production. Optimization potentials are uncovered and the gut feeling regarding machine performance is refuted in many places.

Collaborating since 2011

We have been working closely with our customer MEDICE since 2011, supporting the company on its path to digital transformation in production. Thanks to our software solution, MEDICE was able to increase OEE in the area of assembly by over 10% in the very first year. 

Many employees report positive experiences with the software: 

It is an absolute benefit to have your processes recorded automatically! FASTEC 4 PRO is a tool for us to know which problems we need to tackle in production in order to achieve efficiency gains.”

After years of successful collaboration, the Detailed Scheduling module was recently implemented for digital production planning. This means that instead of inflexible, manual and error-prone planning on paper, it is now possible to react in real-time to deviations in the production process. Yannik Schmitte, Operational Excellence Manager at MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG, reports: 

The transparency provided by the system is very convincing. When information is added to the system, it is immediately visible everywhere without the need for emails or similar. Many manual work steps are no longer necessary. Our production planning is paperless, which saves time and is much more accurate. It is always clear which process steps we are losing time on and how well the individual orders are running.”

Thanks to the additional integration of Detailed Scheduling, MEDICE’s entire production is digitized with FASTEC 4 PRO and is used in almost all departments. FASTEC 4 PRO is regarded as the central control instrument for the entire production process. Every employee can have the required information output by the system. 

Facts Instead of Gut Feeling

Based on the digital report of the causes of faults, it became clear that even experienced employees can be fooled by their gut feeling.

For product A, the line was down for an average of eight hours per order due to various faults that could not be defined in more detail using the available button selection. Based on their gut feeling, the employees assumed that they knew the most frequent cause of the fault. In order to check this, a button was implemented in FASTEC 4 PRO with the reason for the malfunction assumed by the employees. As time went on, it became clear that this button was hardly ever pressed and that the gut feeling was deceptive. Incorrect assessments can result in high costs for replacing components without eliminating the source of the fault. Thanks to FASTEC 4 PRO and the detailed root cause analysis, it is now possible to identify where the problems lie in the production process based on facts. 

Further exciting use cases and details about the FASTEC 4 PRO solution at MEDICE can be read free of charge in the case study. 

Author: Linda Bauer

Team Lead Marketing
Experience in B2B communication and target group-specific copywriting in print and online since 2019.

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Geschäftsführer  Stefan Rupprecht und Christian Reusch mit FASTedge Box und Touch-Terminal FASTedge SFT15
FASTEC Goes Cloud

pvaPRO, smartOEE and FASTedge complement MES solution FASTEC 4 PRO

Cloud? We can do that! With our new products pvaPRO, smartOEE and FASTedge, companies receive turnkey systems and benefit from us as a solution partner throughout the entire project period and beyond.


FASTedge SFT15

The 15-inch touch terminal is required for each machine. It has a universal RFID reader and two digital inputs for machine connection as standard.

FASTedge Box

Both the terminals and the machines are connected to the EdgeBox via LAN or WiFi. The cloud connection is made via your network or mobile communications. At least one EdgeBox is required. The system can later be moved to your own server.


Personal users are required to report the collected data. The number of employees involved in data acquisition in your production does not matter.


Each line and machine in your production is licensed individually.

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