Personnel Planning – Optimizing Processes, Lowering Costs

The MES additional function Personnel Planning optimizes work processes, taking into account personnel availability, qualification, shifts and assignment to workplaces or rather orders.

The Most Important Functions at a Glance

  • Personnel availability planning
    • Assignment of employees to workstation or orders
    • Assignment of employees to personnel groups and workstations
    • Any number of personnel groups can be defined
    • Exact, transparent scheduling of employees, taking into account their qualifications and the corresponding time validity
    • Considering individual working time regulations via personalized shift calendars
    • Clear display of requirements and capacities according to groups and shifts
    • Integrating vacation days and sick leave
  • Personnel scheduling
    • Considering employees for workstations or orders possible
    • Comparing required qualifications taking into account their time validity

Benefits for Your Corporate Success

  • Optimized work flows as well as calculable and controllable personnel costs through targeted personnel scheduling
  • Reacting quickly and flexibly to fluctuating order situations
  • In combination with the FASTEC 4 PRO additional function Personnel Time Recording
    • Exact post calculation taking into consideration individual personnel costs
    • Increasing employee motivation and commitment through individual working hours, exact time recording and comprehensible compensation with incentive and premium wages

Additional Function Personnel Planning: In Detail

In the personnel availability planning, you can define personnel pools and manage the presence and absence of individual employees or employee groups based on their shift schedules. You can also include absences due to vacation or sick leave. The result is an exact and clear mapping of the actual capacity for each individual shift. Detailed Scheduling provides you with the estimated personnel requirements as a standard value for the individual resource groups per shift. From the overlap of the two values you can immediately see whether the personnel capacity is sufficient to successfully process all scheduled orders in each individual area as well as the respective shifts, or whether you need to adjust measures. If incentive and premium wages are relevant to you, you can also create interfaces to the corresponding payroll accounting system.

With Personnel Planning, an additional function to personnel availability planning, you can specify the personnel for a workplace without significant master data maintenance efforts. All other resources that are used in standard detailed scheduling are not considered here. This offers you considerable advantages if you are already planning your production in an ERP system or if the work processes hardly vary. Manufacturing similar products on a single production line is a good example: Since it can be assumed that the production process for an article is always the same, the primary concern is to ensure the availability of qualified personnel at each line segment. By means of stored information such as qualification, including range of validity and shift availability, personnel scheduling can automatically assign your employees.

In combination with the MES additional function Personnel Time Recording, you can further increase your benefits of Personnel Planning. For example, you can consider individual personnel costs in your post calculation. In connection with individual working hours and performance-linked wages, an interface to an incentive and bonus wage accounting system allows you to set the course for a precise and smooth digital acquisition – also at the terminal (manually or RFID).

FASTEC 4 PRO additional function “Personnel Planning”

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Basic Data User Protocol

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The 15-inch touch terminal is required for each machine. It has a universal RFID reader and two digital inputs for machine connection as standard.

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