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Digital Data Acquisition: WIN AEROSOL Saves Eight Hours a Week

Less effort, more time: thanks to digital data acquisition, the production manager at WIN AEROSOL GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of DALLI-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG, saves eight hours a week. He can now devote this time to other important tasks. FASTEC 4 PRO was introduced at all lines at the plant in order to reduce the manual effort involved in data acquisition as well as manual analysis and archiving in reports.

We discovered things that we weren’t aware of before. I didn’t realize how much potential to increase output there was in just a few minutes during shift changes. We only became aware of this thanks to the documented downtimes.

– Lucas Benten, Team Manager Production, WIN AEROSOL GmbH & Co. KG

Collect Data, Recognize Potential

Without a transparent database, it is almost impossible to uncover potential in production. WIN AEROSOL identified potential for the output quantity that was previously unknown by using the MES FASTEC 4 PRO. For example, the company regularly wasted several minutes during shift changes, which with more efficient processes would mean enormous productivity increases.

The recording of downtimes was also adapted over time. Initially, five minutes of production downtime was tolerated by WIN AEROSOL until an unjustified fault was triggered in the system. Today, the company goes much deeper in order to record downtimes more accurately. This allows a clear indication of loss of performance and makes it easier to assign downtimes to their origin.

Transparency Throughout All Departments

There are large screens throughout the site showing a dashboard from FASTEC 4 PRO. Production, production control, technology, logistics and quality management can see the current status of all lines and when an order has been completed. In addition, employees in the office have the option of carrying out reports on KPIs at any time. All information can be called up in real-time at the touch of a button and can then serve as a basis for meetings, for instance.

My expectations have been met. I can call up various key figures quickly and easily, create my own reports and reach my goal in a variety of ways.

– Lucas Benten, Team Manager Production, WIN AEROSOL GmbH & Co. KG

The dalli group is a sixth-generation family business with a clear focus on the European private label and brand business. In line with its promise of quality, the medium-sized company combines tradition, values and social responsibility with the demands of a high-performance and future-oriented group of companies – and has been doing so for over 175 years.

FASTEC is a solution partner for the factories of the future. The company enables the optimal implementation of digital, revenue-generating and sustainable production.

Author: Alexandra Hain

PR & Content Specialist
Experience in B2B communication and target group-specific copywriting in print and online since 2019.

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