For over 20 years, pharmaplace has been pooling purchasing volumes and making negotiated wholesale contracts available to its members. With over 60 negotiated product groups and more than 130 cooperation partners, pharmaplace is the largest active cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry today. On the pharmaplace exchange platform, excess quantities of ingredients can be offered and queried in individual sizes. If necessary, we use our network to organize ingredients not available on the market for you. Since 2004, pharmaplace has been offering performance indicators (benchmarks) in the areas of purchasing as well as marketing and sales in a data depth and quality that is unique in the industry.

FASTedge SFT15

The 15-inch touch terminal is required for each machine. It has a universal RFID reader and two digital inputs for machine connection as standard.

FASTedge Box

Both the terminals and the machines are connected to the EdgeBox via LAN or WiFi. The cloud connection is made via your network or mobile communications. At least one EdgeBox is required. The system can later be moved to your own server.


Personal users are required to report the collected data. The number of employees involved in data acquisition in your production does not matter.


Each line and machine in your production is licensed individually.

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