For a fast analysis of the machine’s productivity

Based on one key figure – the OEE* value, the machine’s productivity is revealed quickly, easily and, above all, exactly. A simple formula provides a precise overview of the productivity of a machine or an assembly workstation. Our OEE productivity meter easyOEE, a complete system designed for easy and fast installation, delivers exactly this key figure.


*OEE = overall equipment effectiveness

The highlights of easyOEE

  • cost-efficient and fast access to the world of OEE
  • rental option for fastest return on investment
  • pre-installed software on touch panel PC
  • no intervention in machine control is required
  • starting machine monitoring within a very short time
  • short training period
  • permanent monitoring of the machine state and displaying the production key figures in real time
  • access at any time, from anywhere and from any PC via web browser
  • detailed evaluation according to order, article, shift
  • with alarm function
  • also suitable for backing up your MES project

easyOEE to optimise individual machines

The OEE productivity meter easyOEE will be supplied as an immediately ready for use system. No additional hardware or software components are required.

Due to automatic collection of machine data (such as quantity, cycle times, scrap quantity, downtimes) by easyOEE and entries made by the operating personnel you will receive precise information about the effectiveness of the workstation (performance, availability, quality level, OEE). These data can be subject of an online analysis from any PC workplace.

As a result, productivity and revenue situation of your company can be significantly increased in a continuous process of improvement.

easyOEE- touch screen to be mounted directly on the machine

  • Monitoring, simple production order administration, entry of downtime reasons as well as feedback of information about quantity and scrap
  • Automated recording, storing and logging of all data in real time
  • Subsequent data analysis in the web browser

State choice including free text entry

  • To enter downtime reasons directly in the message mask by simply touching the screen.
  • Comprehensive analysis of machine downtimes with regard to time, duration, reason, etc. necessary for derivation of appropriate measures for avoidance.
  • Entry of details about downtime reasons via free text option.

Real time online monitoring

Machine state, customisable status information, article name, order number, actual/target cycle time, actual/target quantity, availability, efficiency, quality, OEE, a state time line, etc. can be accessed via web browser.


Automatic notification by e-mail or SMS (the latter will be subject to extra costs) in the event of faults, time exceedings, performance losses, etc.

Web-based evaluation

  • Dynamic, web-based, graphic and tabular evaluation enable quick and efficient identification of the reasons for faults
  • Simple comparison, analysing and evaluation is provided by filtering and grouping all evaluations

Further advantages

  • printout of all evaluations and lists
  • CSV export of evaluations
  • the opportunity to correct data
  • manual (and/or automatic) confirmation regarding good and reject parts
  • individualisation by adding customer logo, company name, cost centre, etc.
  • a three level user administration (user, manager, administrator)
  • multilingualism for international use

The right solution for every use

easyOEE is ready for use directly after delivery. You decide how to access machine data and OEE values.

easyOEE is a flexible system – also when accessing captured data. All captured data can be directly evaluated on your PC workstation. You simply need a web browser (Internet Explorer version 8.0, Firefox or Chrome). The following options for accessing the data are available:

1 Networking via LAN

Access to the data is gained via proprietary cable network.

2 Networking via WLAN

Data access via proprietary wireless network can be achieved with the optional module easyOEE WLAN.

3 Connection via mobile phone

If no network connection is available on the machine site, the data can be accessed via mobile internet connection. All you need is the optional module easyOEE GSM and a mobile internet connection.

4 Direct connection

Furthermore, easyOEE can be directly connected to your PC.

5 Offline mode

Alternatively, the data can be saved on an USB stick and can be read and analysed on the PC workstation later on. The software easyOEE Viewer is provided free of charge.

Rent easyOEE without risk

Are you interested in increasing productivity with OEE? You have the opportunity to test easyOEE intensively during the work process. Therefore, we will only charge a usage fee.

Should you, contrary to expectation, have no further interest in the OEE productivity meter, simply return it to us.


Interested? Please get in touch with us for further information. We are happy to help.