Traceability functions

  • Capturing, merging and saving process and material data
  • Reading series and batch numbers by scanner or taking them over directly from the machine controls
  • Convenient search and evaluation masks:
    • Product history including forward and backward tracking
    • Process control charts, histograms
    • First pass yield evaluations
    • Throughput time evaluations

The benefits you derive from Traceability

  • Complete overview of the entire value chain
  • Limiting defective products and claim events
  • Minimising recall costs
  • End-to-end documentation of the entire production process
  • Comprehensive evaluation of captured and permanently logged data

Stable processes and complete overview

Thanks to forwards/backwards tracking, histograms, control charts, etc., the module Traceability enables you to assess the stability of your production processes and appraise them in detail with comprehensive evaluations such as first pass yield, throughput times, processing results and more. This gives you a complete overview of the entire value chain.

Process and material data of the entire production process are captured and permanently saved under the respective product ID. For product and part recognition, the module Traceability can read series and batch numbers via barcode scanner or take the data directly from the machine control.

Transparency, stability, quality and security

Stable processes are the essential basis for quality assurance. In order to achieve this, product histories (including backwards or forwards tracking, process control charts, histograms, etc.) are available.

However, it is essential for the production supervisor to gain full control over the production processes. With the MES module Traceability, he can assess them in detail with comprehensive evaluations such as first pass yield, processing results or throughput times.

Available add-on modules

The number generator creates consecutive serial numbers within given individual number ranges. Furthermore, the system is able to print them out as labels.

Thanks to the process interlocking, you operatively intervene in the production process. Individual rules can be defined, which must be fulfilled to progress with the next step, such as the release of a workpiece by quality assurance.  Or an automatic processing halt for quality control by the machine operator after x amount of parts only released, when predefined measured values are within tolerances. Or you can specify that the next processing step must take place within a predefined time.

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