Production Data Acquisition functions

  • Management and processing of production orders also in terms of priorities
  • Paperless login and logout of production orders via touch panel on the machine or at the work centre.
  • Automatic or manual feedback concerning quantities produced, scrap, counter reading, etc.
  • Display of order progress in real time
  • Acquisition and display of order-related and article-specific data such as quantities, target/actual values, residual quantities, scrap, etc.
  • Supporting processes in overlapping productions
  • Extrapolation of the remaining production order time until the order is expected to be completed

The benefits you derive from Production Data Acquisition

  • Paperless login of orders is made directly at the machine
  • Processes are accelerated by means of online communication
  • Transparent production processes on the basis of automatically collected production order data
  • Identification and minimisation of production failures as a result of visualised target (quantities) and actual values in real time
  • Time saving and prevention of transmission errors due to automatic order confirmations to the ERP-/PPS system
  • Document Viewer at the terminal allows a completely paperless production

More transparency for a more efficient production

The module PDA delivers you exact real time information about your production. This information comprises the basis for fast reactions to deviations, to optimize processes and shorten production times. The information is also useful for cost control and post-calculation.

Gaining precise information by PDA

The module PDA provides current production order data at the respective site. Orders can be logged in and started right at the machine by the operating staff. At the same time, other employees involved in the production process are constantly informed about the status of current orders as well as of completed or future orders. With the module PDA, transparency can be brought to the entire production process.

Multifaceted information provides the basis for production optimisation

Evaluations prepared as graphs or tables can be called up whenever needed. Thus, order and article data, scrap values, comparisons of target and actual data for production or setup data can be viewed anytime. Each user can decide which data he wants to analyse according to what criteria completely by himself.

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