• Mobile monitoring: current data in the monitoring overview at all times (status and duration, produced order, actual piece counts, rejects, etc.)
  • Simple, individual configuration of alarm events, such as malfunctions, material shortages, excessive reject production, exceeding default values, etc.
  • Push reports with details about the alarm message (source, time, duration of status, optional free text)
  • Multi-stage escalation management
  • Definition of report chains
  • Alarm message confirmation and logging

The benefits you derive from Alarming

  • The production is always in sight – with smartphone and tablet
  • Immediate reaction to problems, malfunctions, interruptions, delays, etc. in the production process
  • Production monitoring during graveyard shifts and on weekends
  • Higher productivity through minimised downtimes
  • A more flexible, optimised personnel deployment

Mobile Client app for Android and iOS operating systems

In addition to the MES module Alarming, we offer the Mobile Client app. The basis for this add-on module is the MES system FASTEC 4 PRO. Consequently, the real time data that is being monitored in the app on smartphone and tablet takes its information from FASTEC 4 PRO. This way, current data about status, status duration, running order and produced or processed piece counts, e.g. total amounts and reject or good parts, can be called up.

Determine user roles and inform responsible employees

In FASTEC 4 PRO, also the specific views for the app are configured for all respective user groups. For example, if FASTEC 4 PRO captures machine data from a widespread factory comprising several halls, machine operators in Hall 1 do not need to be informed of downtimes in other halls. Furthermore, a production supervisor needs current and more detailed data than a manager. He therefore prefers to receive push reports. The configuration of the Mobile Client app in FASTEC 4 PRO makes it possible for you to map individual requirements to the users’ needs. Alarm processing in FASTEC 4 PRO is supported by a journal, where the time a message was sent and the receiver’s confirmation is logged. If the receiver does not react to the sent alarm message within a specified time, alarms are sent to further users through the escalation management in FASTEC 4 PRO in order to resolve the alarm cause as promptly as possible.

Do you want to test the Mobile Client app?

You can download the app from the App or GooglePlay Store and test it in demo mode at no cost.

Are you interested in more information about the MES module Mobile Client App?

Find broschures, success stories etc. here.