Functions of the Document Viewer

  • Paperless display of production documents during the process right at the production terminal
  • Display of operating procedures, test instructions, photos, drawings, etc. with reference to an order or operation
  • Configurable access settings (all – current order/article only – current operation only)
  • Viewer for displaying different formats (web links also)
  • Preview to the next operation or order
  • Touch screen operation, zoom function

 The benefits you derive from the Document Viewer

  • Smooth operations due to staff instructions with regard to
    • Complex set-up and assembly processes
    • Extensive inspections and test runs
    • Product manufacturing with high variant diversity
  • At any time up-to-date information at the work station – no more time is wasted searching lost documents or errors caused by obsolete or dirty drawings
  • More flexibility thanks to quicker provision of information
  • Compliance with quality standards thanks to reduced error rates
  • Quick introduction of new employees without additional training effort

Delivering the production worker information directly at the work station

With the module Document Viewer, all relevant information for production, assembly or maintenance, such as work and inspection instructions, photos and sketches can be managed without the use of paper. As a result, time losses caused by collecting or searching documents decrease, reading errors are reduced and, thus, the risk of production faults and scrap is mitigated.

This module delivers the production employees all necessary information directly at the work station, especially for activities with a high information need or complex work steps. The MES module Document Viewer allows a quick, reliable and accurate job introduction of even new employees.

MES Module Document Viewer delivering support during

  • Complex setup and assembly processes
  • Small-series productions
  • Productions with a high number of variants
  • Comprehensive test and inspection procedures.

Prerequisites for the documents to be displayed

All current types of image documents such as JPG, BMP, TIF and PNG are supported. A PDF Viewer is also integrated; therefore, PDF documents can be viewed without the installation of additional software.

Consequently, a wide range of documents can be shown – photos, technical drawings, instructions, etc. The documents can be filed according to the work station, articles, as well as the work operation.

The module Document Viewer was conceived as a full-fledged individual system. However, it develops its true strength in combination with other modules from FASTEC 4 PRO, such as the module Production Data Acquisition.

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