DNC and Configuration Data functions

  • Central storage and management of all program files. With this feature, the most up-to-date versions are sorted to be available at any time.
  • Data management for structured filing and search function according to different criteria (machine, article, programme no., etc.)
  • Supports versioning of datasets
  • Supports upload and download of datasets
  • Machine status display as well as transfer progress
  • Machines integrated via Ethernet network. Older machines with serial interfaces (RS232/485) are adapted with interface converters on the machines.

The benefits you derive from DNC and Configuration Data

  • Organised storage and central management of all program files
  • Prevent accidental use of older version statuses by anytime availability of the most up-to-date version
  • Simple, standardised operation for employees

Simple data transfer to the machine

Today, modern production machines have highly developed controls which execute their production orders with the help of NC programs, calibration datasets, recipes or configuration datasets.

Because the corresponding files are often developed in the construction or production engineering departments, a file transfer from the development office to the machines is required. Previously, physical data carriers were used to transfer this data. However, through direct machine integration in the MES era, this has become obsolete and is now accomplished through a function in the MES system.

Work with the most up-to-date version of the dataset

As there is no need to continue using physical datasets, accidentally working with older version statuses is prevented. The most up-to-date version is available any time, which in turn reduces the defect rate and improves the machine operation for the employee.

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