Personnel Time Recording functions

  • Simple, clearly structured personnel management; the possibility to import personnel master data
  • Anonymous or personalised registration by RFID, barcode, keyboard, etc.
  • Support of multi-machine operation or several employees on one machine or line
  • Time-saving, exact recording of working times and activities by touch entry
  • Transfer the recorded data to external systems

The benefits you derive from Personnel Time Recording

  • Consideration of individual personnel costs for post-calculations
  • Motivate employees through individual working schedules, exact time recording and fair remuneration
  • In combination with the MES module Personnel Planning
    • Optimising workflows and personnel costs through targeted personnel deployment
    • Flexible reaction to fluctuations in order situation

Tracking personnel times

With Personnel Time Recording, working and break times of the employees are recorded and assigned to individual work operations or activities. For this purpose, the employees log in or off at one or several work stations (e.g., for multi-machine operation) manually or by RFID.

Registration of several employees at one work station

The system also supports the registration of several employees at one work station – a constellation that is often typical for lines. Here, a distinction can be made between a primary employee and “other” employees. Activities can be registered directly through a selection mask by touch at the production terminal.

View personnel expenditure, link with orders and create transparency

For all recordings, corresponding time postings are generated by the system and linked to orders, working operations and articles. This means, the actually accrued personnel-related expenditure can be integrated into the post-calculations, too.

Combined with a pre-existing system for recording personnel time, now further detailing of the times between “comes” and “goes” is possible.

Expand with the MES module Personnel Planning

Combined with the MES module Personnel Planning, it is possible to implement the results from Personnel Time Recording directly in the Personnel Planning module. Thereby, planning becomes more effective and saves personnel and costs.
Have a look into the functions of the FASTEC 4 PRO MES module Personnel Planning here.

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