MDA functions

  • Precise recording of machine running times and downtimes
  • Automatic and/or manual assignment of statuses such as production, downtime, fault, etc.
  • Automatic or manual (by operator on touch panel) recording of piece counts, rejects, etc.
  • Detailed evaluations for weak point analysis to leverage optimisation potentials

The benefits you derive from Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)

  • Time savings at the same time as significantly improved data quality through automatic data collection compared to manual data collection
  • Fast reaction to faults through online monitoring of current machine statuses
  • Multifaceted evaluations are immediately and effortlessly available to support problem analysis
  • Detect shortcomings through the systematic recording of all downtimes and faults, even short-term downtimes
  • Exact post-calculation of the actually needed machine running times

Better production – data instead of intuition

Because of the increasing degree of automation in production, losses in machine and system availability hit the bottom line hard. Intuition may say that higher effectiveness must be possible. However, there are no systematic, historical records or evaluations to track down and reduce these losses in order to significantly increase the machine utilisation.

Save costs. Raise effectiveness.

With the Machine Data Acquisition (MDA) module, costs in your company can be saved and production effectiveness and quality can be increased in many ways.

  • Automatic recording of machine data such as piece counts, running meters or downtimes. Compared to jotting down by hand, this saves a lot of time. Furthermore, automatic acquisition is more precise and less prone to manipulation.
  • Generating evaluations and reports in seconds instead of manual, tedious evaluations with MS Excel spreadsheets, etc.
  • Capturing all downtimes and faults with detailed downtime causes. Analysing the causes of faults reveals weak areas in organisational and technical operation processes. Reducing them brings a sustained increase in the degree of utilisation and machine availability.

Transparent production

With the MES module Machine Data Acquisition, you are always informed about the status of the individual machines, machine groups, all machines in a hall, in a selected supervisory area, factory, cost centre, etc. Just one mouse click brings up detailed, real time information about all relevant production key figures (performance, availability, quality, OEE or piece counts) right at your PC work station.

Seamless connection of your machines, systems and assembly work stations

The highly versatile FASTEC interface concept enables accessing the machine data in different ways. With FASTEC I/O modules, digital signals (e.g., cycle times, downtimes) are recorded directly on the machine without intervening in the PLC (system and machine contro).

Interface modules for a multitude of current protocols and communication techniques (OPC, Euromap E63, Siemens S5/S7, PROFIBUS) are available to capture process data and process messages from the PLC.

Integration in FASTEC 4 PRO

The MES module Machine Data Acquisition is a part of the modular MES system FASTEC 4 PRO. The combination with other modules enables better planning, controlling, monitoring and evaluating of the production processes. Let us advise you and inform you of the multifaceted expansion possibilities. You will find our contact form here.

Are you interested in more information about the Machine Data Aquisition Module (MDA)?

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