Functions of logistics

  • Production stock management
  • Loading aid management
  • Order picking control
  • Printing transport labels
  • Controlling warehousing and packing processes
  • MDA-based material matching through stock change bookings
  • Automatic generation of transportation orders

The benefits you derive from Logistics

  • Stock overview with current stock data at all times
  • Transparent, controlled material movements
  • Avoid downtimes due to material shortages thanks to automatic resupply control
  • Flexibility and minimised search times when commissioning orders through pick-by-light
  • Avoid component mix-ups through pick-by-light support in the assembly

Fast, exact material provision

The core task of the module Logistics is the management of small part inventories in the production and commissioning, often in association with a pick-by-light function. In this approach, the system continually monitors the actual material stocks and independently calls for resupply, when it is needed. The module Logistics supports material provision over the entire production process. It supplements but does not replace a comprehensive inventory management system.

Diverse application areas in the company

Starting with recording batches of delivered materials in incoming goods, the posted batches can be deliberately blocked or released and reposted in, for example, a production warehouse. Inventory stocks can also be transferred to an existing inventory management system via an interface.

The loading aid management e.g. supports the logistics specialist in reposting pallets. The system provides support for packing through container management or printing packing unit labels.

Monitor and ensure material inventories

With the automatic call for resupply, material provision and potential storage capacity restrictions in the picking warehouse can be optimised. If, for instance, a specified minimum stock level is reached or fallen below, the system independently orders the necessary materials from resupply or reserve stocks.

Also, at assembly work stations in the production area material stocks can be continually monitored and secured similarly: for example, the assembled articles are counted at the work stations by the MDA module. As soon as a specified amount of material according to the list of components has been installed or a transport batch has been produced, a transport order for the material warehouse is generated automatically. This way, downtimes due to delays caused by the lack of material or space can be reduced to nearly zero.

Focussing on the outgoing goods, the delivered amounts can be recorded and permanently saved according to the batch as well as the customers that it was shipped to.

Transparent processes thanks to Logistics

The MES module Logistics brings you the following advantages: transparent processes in the internal material flow and the perfect extension to your warehouse management system.

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