Energy Monitoring functions

  • Recording, visualising and monitoring energy data as well as storing it in a database
  • Displaying apparent, blind and effective power, voltages, currents or flow rates
  • Comprehensive energy evaluation per article, order or over a time horizon
  • Triggering alarms, if specified threshold values are exceeded*

The benefits you derive from Energy Monitoring

  • Lower energy costs by permanent control of energy consumption
  • Conserve resources through fast recognition of increased energy consumption due to defects
  • Recognise process-related load peaks and identify energy guzzlers
  • Transparency for energy consumption
  • Detect possible saving potentials
  • Post-calculation of production orders with inclusion of energy consumption
  • Consideration of energy aspects for investment decisions

Discover saving potentials, cut energy costs

Usually, the production is the company area with the highest energy consumption. The potential for savings is correspondingly high. To detect this potential, the MES module Energy Monitoring supports recording, visualising and evaluating energy data. With the transparency for energy consumption gained here, you uncover existing saving potentials and conserve valuable resources. Moreover, you can post-calculate your production orders in detail.

Energy data acquisition

FASTEC offers special I/O disks for the data acquisition, which can be easily and quickly coupled to pre-existing FASTEC I/O modules for machine data acquisition. Thus, data can be continuously captured and then explicitly assigned to the energy consumers. Those can be machines, machine aggregates, production areas or the entire factory.

Extended functionality through add-on modules

The greatest benefits of the MES module Energy Monitoring can be achieved in combination with other MES modules. For example, order-related evaluations can be accomplished through the MES module Production Data Acquisition.
Also environmental audits can be supported through CO2 balances related to an order and article.

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