Autonomous Maintenance functions

  • Creating autonomous maintenance plans
  • Triggering according to production performance and/or calendar intervals
  • Provision of documents supporting the autonomous activities
  • Documentation of the activities carried out and the spare parts needed
  • Indications and notification of defects
  • Action management and suggestion system for machine operators for further optimisations

The benefits you derive from Autonomous Maintenance

  • Increased awareness of the responsibility in handling resources
  • Faster reaction to minor malfunctions
  • Time and cost savings
  • Relieves maintenance personnel
  • Action management and regulated processes for suggestions and deficiencies information

Increase awareness of the machine operators’ responsibility and cut costs

With autonomous maintenance, minor maintenance tasks such as cleaning, oiling or other activities on a machine are conveyed directly to the machine operator. Firstly, the relationship between operator and the machine is reinforced and responsibility is taken over. Secondly, time, costs and personnel are saved, since calling a maintenance technician for smaller maintenance chores is not necessary.

Here, the TPM add-on module for the FASTEC 4 PRO module Maintenance provides optimum support. Autonomous maintenance tasks can be easily and quickly configured, planned, assigned and documented.

Instructions and guidelines directly on the machine

With the Document Viewer tool, a wide range of various documents and information can be linked to support individual measures. These are then made available to the machine operators directly at the production terminals. Additionally, in order to release the machine a read confirmation can be configured.

Improvement suggestions from the machine operator

At the same time, the module provides a suggestion system. This allows machine operators to file suggestions for improvements or remarks to the TPM responsibility holder, who then can check and convert them into suitable measures.

This leads to continual improvements in the machine park.

Reactive. Preventive. Autonomous.

Combined with the MES module Maintenance, you are actively supported in executing reactive maintenance activities as well as in the control of autonomous maintenance measures to reduce failures and defects. While the autonomous maintenance points out minor maintenance or cleaning activities to the machine operator, concrete maintenance jobs and inspection orders can be scheduled in temporal or state-related maintenance intervals within the planned maintenance functions of the maintenance module.
You can gain an overview of our MES module Maintenance here.

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