The MES system FASTEC 4 PRO

Our modular MES system FASTEC 4 PRO supports you in optimising the entire production. It improves the production planning, provides more transparency and regulated processes and delivers key performance indicators (KPIs), analyses and reports. Irrespective of the industry sector, the MES system FASTEC 4 PRO can be flexibly adapted to your specific production processes.

The MES modules – flexible and future-proof solutions

Based on the MES basic module, all FASTEC 4 PRO modules are combinable with one another in accordance with your requirements. The individual MES modules have access to a common and standardised database. This ensures a consistent flow of data avoiding interfaces between the modules and duplication of data.

Detailed Scheduling

Personnel Planning



DNC and
Configuration Data

Energy Monitoring



Document Viewer



Mobile Client

Basic Module

Machine Data

Production Data

Process Messages

Process Data Acquisition

Personnel Time Recording

Your benefits and advantages

Your entire company benefits from the flexible MES system FASTEC 4 PRO – from the production worker to the planning and maintenance staff as well as production management and controlling up to the executive board.

Below, you will find an overview how the various company divisions benefit from our MES system.

Our range of services

We deliver a customised MES-System and help you to achieve optimal results. Comprehensive services can be taken for granted: maintenance contracts including assistance provided by our hotline, support during the configuration as well as trainings individually tailored for your MES system will help you to derive the maximum benefit.

FASTEC 4 PRO client structure

For optimal production equipment – also considering aspects of hardware and licence fees – FASTEC 4 PRO provides various client concepts.


Machine connections

We offer various solutions how to connect machines: be it digital signals via I/O modules or a direct connection to the machine control via PLC interfaces, e.g. S7, Beckhoff ADS or OPC, FANUC, Web-Services etc. As a matter of course we always consider the cost-benefit ratio.

Due to the broad range of interface solutions each machine can be connected to the MES system FASTEC 4 PRO regardless of manufacturer and year of construction.

ERP interfaces

Project-specific ERP interfaces (unidirectional or bidirectional) or our FASTEC standard interface guarantee a seamless exchange of information between your ERP/PPS system and our MES system. Furthermore, we connect other systems that exist in your company, for instance PZE (Time & Attendance) or QS, to our MES system.

Please find below more information on machine connections and ERP interfaces (e.g. SAP and Abas).