Special requirements in the food processing industry

  • Entry made to lines in black and grey room areas (sluices).
    Entries to lines, separated by sluices, are made via a second, parallel terminal. Hence, entries can be made for each area, which is particularly advantageous with respect to long or complex lines.
  • Display of buffers, like for instance cooling lines.
    The line is separated into two areas via a buffer. Hence, malfunctions in one area will reach the other area with delay. If the disruptive effect reaches the other area, information about the duration will be displayed so that the employee is able to assess the interruption time and can carry out other tasks in the meantime.
  • Weight monitoring (give-away)
    In order to quickly identify weight deviations, it is possible to display weight deviations in real time and as trend curve. This enables quick intervention and corrective actions.
  • Packaging monitoring during the filling process.
    In order to avoid faulty packages, the products to be packaged are individually checked via bar code reading before packaging. If deviations occur, the process will be stopped.
  • Automation of cooking processes by means of computer-aided human-machine interaction.