Industry overview



As a car driver, it is unlikely that you don’t know our customers from the automotive sector. The product spectrum ranges from brake discs, shock absorbers, headlights, fuel pumps, hoses, gears, door handles as well as refined screws. Our MES is of high value to the automotive industry, in particular modules like traceability to ensure quality and reduce risks.


Electronics and mechatronics

Our customers from the electronics and mechatronics industry produce a wide range of different products: drives, sensors, inverters, home appliances controls or weather stations. Small batch sizes and a high variety of versions are challenging, especially at manual workstations. Supporting the technicians with step-by-step instructions increases quality by reducing failures.


Wood processing industry

Among our wood processing customers are manufacturers of doors, furniture and kitchens as well as manufacturers of veneer and laminate operating on international markets. Our MES is used to increase productivity and to ensure a high product quality. Clean cutting lines for example, require a precise surveillance of tool life. This must be calculated for any tool in use based on the produced item in real-time.


Plastics processing industry

Injection moulding and extrusion – these are the most common processes being used by our customers specialised in plastics processing. Some plants are in use in which more than 100 machines are involved in the production that ranges from small-scale series (e. g. medical devices) to mass production.


Metal processing industry

Our clients from the metal processing sector run foundries, hardening, press and stamping plants, manufacture CNC parts or produce engine, clutch and gearbox components, fittings as well as hydro power plants. In that context, not only the diversified set of requirements has to be considered, but also an efficient and in some parts automated production processes need to be realised – tasks, our solution can significantly contribute to.


Food processing industry

Within the food processing industry, manufacturers of a high variety of products rely on our MES solutions. Production ranges from chocolate, convenience food, beverages, to meat and vegan products – the challenges of our customers are still gaining profits by growing quality demands in a highly competitive  market.


Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics

Our customers from the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry use our MES solutions, mainly in their filling and packaging departments. Producing  liquid,  semi-solid and solid dosage forms like ampoules, vials and carpules or geles and pastes  or tablets, capsules, powders and granules on highly automated lines, transparency and a short response time in case of disruptions are major requirements for our customers to optimize their production.


Other industries

Our customers‘ product variety proves our solution’s usability across industries. Whether machines or system coatings manufacturers, glass or fabrics processing companies, producers of shoe care or cleaning products, construction materials or seeds – our solutions can be used by every company in discrete manufacturing.