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The Mibelle Group, based in Switzerland, is a Migros company. It manufactures cosmetics and hygiene products. In addition, third-party customers are supplied with an export share of approximately 50 percent. According to its own information, the Mibelle Group is the third largest manufacturer of private labels in Europe. Our speakers report from the plant in Frenkendorf. Margarines and spreads, liquid fats, edible fats and detergents are produced there.

Topics: Part 1: Introduction of the FASTEC 4 PRO Software Solution – From Pilot Project to Rollout

  • Implementation (replacement of the old system),
  • The idea of a simple solution
  • Start and test in the pilot
  • Rollout on the site
  • Rollout on another site

Part 2: Use, Development and Integration in the Shop Floor
Contents: MDA, PDA, bidirectional interface SAP, personnel (simplified login), mobile client, KPI editor, view (large screens).
Start at 3:00 p.m., duration approx. 60 minutes


ON-SITE Partner Company:


Marcel Ryser
Head of Maintenance

Adrian Waldmeier
Production Performance Engineer

Recordings of our webinars as well as customer approved ON-SITE webinars, user reports in PDF format and brochures with detailed information about our software solutions can be found in our download area.

Klagenfurt is home to one of five Philips competence and development centers for personal health worldwide. Product innovations for body and hair care, household, health and wellness are developed and produced for the global market at the site.


  • How is FASTEC 4 PRO implemented at Philips in Klagenfurt?
  • What are the special features?
  • How did the project go?
  • Which systems are controlled with FASTEC 4 PRO?

ON-SITE Partner Company:


Siegfried Seufzer
Production Lead PC

You missed our webinar? You can find the recording in our download area.


  • Save time and improve data quality at the same time through automatic data acquisition
  • Reduction of response times to disturbances through online monitoring of current machine states
  • Various evaluations for problem analysis available at the push of a button
  • Systematic recording of all downtimes, malfunctions and short-term downtimes; reliably detects weak points in the production process
  • Exact post-calculation with regard to the actually required machine running times based on valid data records


Jonas Drees
Sales, FASTEC GmbH

You missed our webinar? You can find the recording in our download area.


  • Multi-resource planning taking dependencies into account
  • Supplementary personnel and material availability planning
  • Optimal scheduling of production orders taking restrictions into account
  • Consistent transparency throughout the entire planning process
  • Consideration of the currently available capacities
  • Minimize costs, lead times, stock, etc.
  • Increased adherence to delivery dates
  • Early detection of bottlenecks
  • Uncover spare capacity


Jonas Drees
Sales, FASTEC GmbH

You missed our webinar? You can find the recording in our download area.

  • Topics:
  • Based on MDA/PDA data, orders can be triggered automatically; integration of MDA data, especially process messages, into the inspection order is possible
  • Freely configurable inspection features and inspection plan types as well as presetting of mandatory inspection points
  • Consistent transparency regarding the creation, changes and release of inspection orders
  • Inspection orders open interactively, e.g. in the cleaning state of the machine
  • Reduction of time expenditure by eliminating manual protocols
  • Reduction of potential error sources by eliminating transmission errors
  • Easy integration without any additional IT interface


Felix Czaja
Sales, FASTEC GmbH

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a recording for this webinar.

For more than 130 years, the schülke company has stood for pioneering spirit, innovation and quality. Founded by Rudolf Schülke and Julius Mayr in 1889, the Hanseatic disinfectant manufacturer has established itself today as an internationally operating and successful company. Today, schülke is one of the market leaders in the areas of infection prophylaxis, hygiene and chemical preservation.

Bausch Food Consulting’s continuous efficiency improvement consultations involve the entire company. They achieve reliable results in the form of savings (year after year), continuous improvements in non-monetary key figures, as well as continuous development of employee and manager skills and personal responsibility. Josef Bausch builds on 25 years of industry experience.


  • Interpret data and optimize processes:
    How does FASTEC 4 PRO support Schülke & Mayr in the CIP?
  • Find out how Schülke & Mayr implements CIP projects


ON-SITE Partner Companies/Speakers:

Daniel Kierstein
Operational Excellence Manager
Schülke & Mayr


Josef Bausch (MBA)
Managing Director
Bausch Food Consulting – die Effizienzberatung 


Predictive Maintenance – AI-supported prediction of machine failures

Did you miss our webinar? You will find the recording shortly in our download area.

Lars Knitter presents the FASTEC 4 PRO module Maintenance. This offers users the following functions and benefits:

  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Relief of the maintenance personnel
  • Higher identification of the machine operator by delegation of responsibility
  • Machine operator handles minor downtimes quickly
  • Uniform order management as well as regulated maintenance requests
  • Optimized planning by assigning urgencies
  • Fast reaction time through individual alerting

Dr. Timo Klerx reports from practical experience on how companies have introduced AI to predict machine failures and are now benefiting from it.

After a general introduction to AI in predictive maintenance, different ways of approaching the topic of AI and predictive maintenance, what challenges to expect in the process, and what approaches have proven successful in the implementation will be shown.

The FASTEC 4 PRO module Maintenance offers users the following functions and benefits:

  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Relief of the maintenance personnel
  • Higher identification of the machine operator through transfer of responsibility
  • Quick elimination of minor malfunctions by the machine operator
  • Uniform order administration as well as regulated maintenance requests
  • Optimized planning through assignment of urgencies
  • Fast response time due to individual alerting


Start at 3 p.m., duration about 60 minutes


Dr. Timo Klerx
Data Scientist, paiqo

Lars Knitter
Sales and Marketing Director 

Did you miss our webinar? No problem! We have a free recording for you. You are welcome to request it here.


  • Getting started: Initial situation at the injection molding company
  • Arguments: Why did Normbau GmbH choose FASTEC?
  • Goals: What was achieved with the use of FASTEC 4 PRO?
  • Focus: FASTEC 4 PRO Modules Maintenance and Detailed Planning


Start at 3 p.m., duration about 60 minutes

ON-SITE Partner Company:


Harry Mauch
Industrial Engineering Manager

Christian Meier
Industrial Engineering


Did you miss our webinar? You can find the recording in our download area.


  • Entry: OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) as a key figure for assessing productivity in production companies
  • Connection of machine signals
  • Automated OEE acquisition to monitor productivity in real time
  • Interpret and use data: Transparency, combined with faster responses to deviations
  • Advantages of OEE: With the help of OEE, the productivity of a company can be increased without great costs. More output in the same time with the same operating costs as well as less unrest and stress in production. The OEE represents a holistic evaluation of a machine. Optimization measures can be taken on the basis of the evaluations.
  • Make reliable decisions before implementing an MES. easyOEE records potential and creates a basis for the investment decision in MES.


Jonas Drees
Sales, FASTEC GmbH

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