About us:

As a successful MES-provider, FASTEC delivers MES-solutions for production companies with discreet manufacturing.

Our customers come from various industries, starting with the automotive, electronics and mechatronics industry, to wood, plastics or food-processing up to metal or the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Our circle of customers is compounded of mid-sized businesses up to globally operating concerns. However, our customers are united by one goal – constantly increasing their production.

Think big, start small – following this slogan FASTEC offers individually adaptable, flexible solutions. Our software’s ease of use, its apposite functionality, its high reliability and its future-proofness – all those characteristics match our three products: FASTEC 4 PRO, easyOEE und Corporate Analytics.

Our many years of experience and competence influence each project; therefore your MES project’s complete realization comes from one source – starting with software development and sales up to the installation of the project and customer training. By employing more than 50 specialists with deep knowledge of various machine interfaces and EPR systems, we also are the right partner for you and your complex IT-project within the production area, including Industrie 4.0.

Our service makes you benefit from solutions exactly fitting your company by providing technical support as well as fast reactions to additional, individual needs at an adequate costs. Focussing on industrial standards and Microsoft products as a technological basis, we ensure long-term security of investment. By having us as a partner, you will be able to achieve measurable success and increase your margins through a more profitable production.

With you, we strive for one of the foremost seats amongst the competition. This is our incentive and the motivation that drives our constantly growing team since our foundation in 1995.


1995Foundation as an supplier of automation solutions based on decentralized intelligence
1996Software partner for Weidmüller to create Lonworks applications for industry, energy supply and buildings
1997Focussing on decentralized control systems and master computers

Material flow systems within the assembly automation and transport logistic

Development of a material flow control-kit (Materialfluss-Steuerungsbaukastens)

1998Development of an 3D-material flow simulation with real time behaviour as an addition to the control-kit
1999First material flow simulation project in the USA
2000FASTEC employs ten specialists for the automotive sector
2001Further development of the master computers: recipe control and process data acquisition
2004MDA, PDA and DNC-components complement the master computers

First MDA/PDA/DNC-projects in the plastics processing industry

Erstes MDE/BDE/DNC-Projekt in der Kunststoffbranche

2007APM becomes FASTEC 4 PRO
2008Development of easyOEE as an entry-level solution to MDA in the pharmaceutical and food-processing industry
2012First customer projects within detailed scheduling
2014Introduction of Corporate Analytics – BI adapter as a data concentrator for FASTEC 4 PRO systems installed world-wide
2015FASTEC celebrates its 20th birthday: 40 employees participate in the celebration and FASTEC 4 PRO is installed in 26 countries, various industries and actively deployed in mid-sized companies up to concerns
2016FASTEC 4 PRO 3.3.3 is released